Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 4, 2009

I'm not ready to go home yet!

Happy 4th of July!

Sometimes, when the tall guy and I are at the park, he wants to go home before I do. So, just to fix his wagon, I'll roll over on my back so that he can't make me get up. The tall guy said that he saw another puppy doing the same thing on his blog - they called it trying to pick up a sack of lead flour!

So, on this, my very FIRST 4th of July, I hope that all the peoples and all the puppies get to eat all the hamburgers and hotdogs they want. Just remember to save some for me! No onions please. And if you're shooting fireworks, please make sure they don't scare your puppy. If your puppy is scared of the fireworks, take them to the drive-in movie so they won't be scared. Just don't take them to a scary movie - that would defeat the purpose now wouldn't it! And buy them some popcorn. And let them out to go to the bathroom during the intermission! Then let them sit on a blanket on the hood of the car during the 2nd movie. And then when they fall asleep on the way home, you will say 'Thank you, Jack, for your good ideas!'. Of course, I won't hear you, but that's ok too!


  1. Happy July 4th Jack. Don't let my "Mom" know that I said that!!!! She is British so we really don't celebrate the holiday!!!!!!! O course, we will go to the park this morning, and then I will probably hide all day and tell her to put the TV on so that I won't hear the fireworks!!!

  2. The old possum defense is classic! Jack you're brilliant!

  3. Happy 4th back 'atcha Big Fellow!

  4. Hey are quite good a getting TG to do as you wish....You guys enjoy the 4th too. I love your ideas for helping a puppy celebrate safely. I don't go out but I can sometimes hear the fireworks and I freeze in a pose that Mom calls 'what dat I hear'!!
    Madi and Mom

  5. you have drive in movies in Tuscon???? cool! You are one smart puppy Jack - that rolling on my back doesn't work so well with me - my dead weight is only about 13 pounds - and even the old blonde can handle that!

    HAPPY 4th of July buddy - and keep it safe

  6. You're getting very clever Jack! I'm going to try that wagon fixing sometime. Thanks for the advice!

  7. Hey Jack!
    I went to the dog park today =) As usual, my dad wanted to go home before I thought about it. Next time, I´ll try roll over on my back like you do. Hope it works =)
    Happy 4th of July, pal! Those ideas are great!