Monday, July 20, 2009

July 20, 2009

A Walk in the Park

Sometimes you have to 'train' your peoples to do what you want them to do. I know, they don't always listen. And sometimes, they get distracted when other peoples walk by. For some reason, they don't always understand what you're saying. So, if you need your person to be more 'bedient', do what I do. Be patient. Barking at your person doesn't do any good. When they do want you want, make sure you tell them what a good person they are. Remember, they are trying very hard - they WANT to please you. Give them lots of treats. For example, my tall guy likes Reeses Blizzards from Dairy Queen. And finally, make sure you show them how much you love them EVERY DAY! Your peoples will grow up to be happy and make YOU happy too!


  1. Very cute Jack, we understand how long a short walk can be. I have read about doggies who walk a few miles on a single walk... that would be HOURS for Moose! Crazy labradogs!

  2. my very humble and very new to the blog world experience....TG is already trained quite well. TG your imagination and talent rank up there with MR. Walt Disney!!!!! Great silent film.
    Ok TG thanks for the information about possibly retrieving lost pictures. You mentioned to be sure not add/delete move anything etc..I'm thinking I might have already messed that up. I added some pictures to it last night??? Right???
    Lessons learned the hard way are really and trully remembered. I had some really cute pictures to go with a post I had already repaired about her lovely long tail......and its expressions.
    Madi and Mom (Cecilia)

  3. That might be the best dog blog video I've ever seen Jack - well done! I tend not to even watch many anymore, but I liked yours a lot.
    You have the knack of being able to describe universal and common dog/owner behavior in new and very entertaining ways. Keep up the good work there buddy!

  4. We nominate TG for Best Doggy Blogger Videos!!!

  5. That was great fun Jack - Thanks for making my day!!!!

  6. We second the nomination for best Doggy Blogger (oh and video)!

    You and TG rock JAck!