Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 31, 2011

Getting a tan...

I can't even lay out in the sun without 
someone taking pictures!
I may have to hire some private security 
to keep away the paparazzi.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

May 28, 2011

Today's Lesson:
Know Your Jacks!


Not Jack

This has been today's lesson in
Know Your Jacks!

Friday, May 27, 2011

May 27, 2011


It seemed like everyone was going out and having fun, so I asked the tall guy if he would take me back up to the lake.  AND HE DID!  Sometimes he's a pretty good guy.  Although I got a bit excited when we got there and just about broke his neck when we were trying to get to the water!  I'll have to work on that or we won't get to go back :(

I had to stay on my string because there were a lot of people there fishing and the tall guy was afraid that I would try to go up and say hello to them.

We saw ducks!

And then we went to the ski area where all the snow used to be.  
Someone must have borrowed it, because it's all gone now.

I don't know why he wanted to take a picture of a flower, but here it is!

We had a pretty cool day.
We left the windows down so I could dry off on the way home.
And now I don't even stink! 

On another note, the tall guy still needs about 5 more recipes for the cook book.
Please send them to jacksdad2011@gmail.com.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May 25, 2011

Look at what I got in the mail!

(Inside it says:
Lab results are in and you did great!)

See, all the dogs are LABS,
so it's like a play on words!

An extra-nice friend of the tall guys sent it to us
because of the book.
Wasn't that cool?
Well, she is just like that to everyone.

But wait, there's more!!
Her granddaughter, Erin, decided that they should send
me some toys.

Look at what she picked out for me:

A flying fish.
Much like the flying duck you've seen before

a red chew bone.
Actually she sent me two of them.
This one lasted almost 5 minutes!
The other one is hidden away for a special occasion.
(I'm told that special occasion means when I'm driving the tall guy crazy.
We seem to have a lot of special occasions around here!)
So, thank you very much
Erin and Lynn for all my stuff.

PS:  That wire you see behind my head in the last picture
is the cable wire that the people who owned the house
before the tall guy put in.
Why they put it on the wall, no one knows,
but now we can't take it down
because there will be a whole bunch of holes in the wall.
So, don't be putting no wires on the wall of your house.

Monday, May 23, 2011

May 23, 2011

My New Career

"Jack" Williams

I've decided to start a new career:
country-western singer.

I'm working on some new songs:

"I'm So Lonesome I Could Bark"
"Brown Eyes Crying in the Rain"
"Howlin' at the Moon"
and, my favorite,
"Your Cheating Bark"

What do you think?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

May 21, 2011

It's time to take a nap...

I'm dreaming about all those people who are going to send me a recipe for the doggy cookbook!

Friday, May 20, 2011

May 20, 2011

You weren't trying to make up the bed, 
were you?

How come your side of the bed feels so much softer than mine?

And how come it's all warm?  My side of the bed is always cold.

Are you making me sleep on an ice cube?
Is that what it is?

It's ok, I'll move back to my side when you're ready to get in bed.
Honest I will!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

May 19, 2011

I Got A Mohawk!

Evidently after I get a bath, I have a mohawk on my back.  So I guess it's a back-hawk.  It only sticks up for a little while until I sleep on it.  On the other hand, the tall guy gets a really bad case of the bedhead when he wakes up in the morning.  He won't let me put a picture of that on here.   But trust me, it's pretty scary!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

May 16, 2011

 Do You Have A
Non-Fur Kid?

Do you know someone who would fall into the child category?

Were you a child when you were young?

When you are trying to watch the teevees,
does some small human bean keep interrupting you
to tell you that they are bored because
you only watch old people television shows like
Hawaii Five-O and The Big Bang Theory?

If so, you should get my new children's book:

"Is This Your Ball?"

Available today for the Kindle*
on the Amazons.

You can get it by clicking 

It's like a mystery with balls!

Here's what it is about:
Jack (that's me), the dog (that's me too), tries to help a young boy find his baseball. As Jack (me) looks, he finds lots of different kinds of balls until he finally finds the right one! You'll love reading this book along with your kids. An early reader children's book, written for children aged 3 - 6.

*PS - If you don't have a Kindle, you can get the free Kindle app for your computer or phone  HERE. It's pretty neat!  If you don't have a computer, you can get the Kindle Cucumber app.  You won't be able to read any books, but you'll get some really funny looks at the grocery store, walking around looking at your cucumber!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

May 14, 2011

Well, he FINALLY got back home.

Something about storms, planes, turbulence, thought he was gonna die, blah, blah, blah.  I stopped listening after he said he didn't bring me anything.

But then I made him take me on an extra long guilt walk this morning.  Nothing better than getting a long drink of water when you're out on a guilt walk.  Even if you're not thirsty!

On another note, if you remember, we said we were going to give away a $25.00 gift certificate to Amazon this week.  Well, we did the drawing and the winner is:

And since it is such fun to give away the tall guy's moneys,
the winner of the surprise second place unannounced drawing
$15.00 Amazon gift certificate is

Oh what the heck.
The winner of the $10.00 completely just now decided drawing
Amazon gift certificate is

So, after fees, handling and taxes,  the winners will each get their .03¢ gift certificates in the mail as soon as...
What?  You mean we're not including fees, handling and taxes?  You mean they get the whole entire amount?  Well I wish I had known that.  I would have entered myself!!

So, as soon as the tall guy gets back from the grocery store, I'll have him email each of the winners with their prizes!!

Here's hoping that everyone has a great weekend.

Oh, and get ready for another announcement on Monday! :)  (No, I am not getting no brother or sister - you can just get that idea out of your heads!)

And send me MORE RECIPES! :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 11, 2011

I did not even want to go to
no old Tonio anyway!

The tall guy has gone off to somewhere called Tonio and he did not even take me with him.
He left me here at the house all by myself and I do not even know how to work the microwave!

And he thinks it's ok because I get to go to the dog hotel and play with the other dogs all day.  Well, mister, you got another think coming!!

Just wait 'til he gets home.

(And don't forget to send me your dog recipes!)

Monday, May 9, 2011

May 9, 2011

Looking at the puppies

Yesterday was such a nice day, we went to the park, sat in the shade and looked at all the puppies.  (This was just the "walking around" park, not the "getting to play with the other dogs" park.)

We had such a good time that we hope that today is a "puppy looking day" for you!

It was also a "stick eating day", but I don't think many of you would care to have a "stick eating day".  Although I'm told that it does provide roughage.  All I know is it gives the tall guy a reason to practice saying "Drop it!" like 800 times a minute.  He's gotten so good at it, he doesn't even need to use the vowels anymore, so it ends up being more like "DRPT!".  Which is completely different than his "UHN" sound, which is what he uses when he gets tired of his "NO" sound.  Which is a lot.

On another note, the tall guy wanted me to say "A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU" to everybody in the world.  On Friday, we sold the 1000th copy of my book at Amazon.  So, to celebrate, we want to give away something (not a copy of the book, since most of you already have that).  So, if you leave a comment on any of the blog posts between now and Friday at 5:00, you have a chance to win a $25.00 gift card from Amazon.  Just think of all the dog toys you could buy with that!

And we're still collecting dog recipes for the dog cook book!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

May 6, 2011

Watch This!

Now that's just mean!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

May 5, 2011

Let's Raise Some Moneys!!

Hey peoples and puppies, get your recipes in to the Tall Guy so we can raise lots of money to give away!!

Send your favorite dog recipes to the Tall Guy at jacksdad2011@gmail.com

For more info, look here:  http://dailydoseofjack.blogspot.com/2011/05/may-3-2011.html 

PS - Don't worry.  I'm not losing my hair.  It's supposed to be a wig, but it is really one of the Tall Guy's socks that I like to chew on.  He even tied knots in the end so he said it was ok if I played with this one.  

PPS - Be thankful it's not his underwears!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May 3, 2011

Please, Tall Guy, I Want Some More

It's RECIPE time!

The tall guy says he's ready to start putting together the cookbook of recipes FOR and BY dogs (and feline puppies).  So here is what he needs for you to do.  Please read carefully or he will go crazy and then I will have to come and live with one of you!

1.  Please send your recipe(s) to jacksdad2011@gmail.com

2.  Please let him know if it is a REAL recipe for a pet or a recipe that your DOG wrote.
I know he should be able to tell, but if you ever tasted his cooking, you would understand where I'm coming from!  It would be cool if you have both a real recipe and a dog recipe, but either one is ok.  You can send as many recipes as you want, but please make sure they are yours.

3.  Please put the name of the dish at the beginning of the recipe.

4.  Please put the name YOU want to be listed by.  For example, the tall guy might put: Jack's Cookies by The Tall Guy.  (That is just an example, because if it is not a peanut butter sandwich or popcorn, he is not much in the cooking department.)  It can be your real name if you want it to be.

5.  If you want to include a picture of anything to go along with your recipe(s), please include that as well.  You can have a picture of what you cooked, a picture of your pet eating whatever it is you cooked, or just a picture of your car.  Just as long as it is a picture that you took and didn't get from the Internets.

The tall guy will take all the recipes and turn it into an ebook and put it on Amazon for sale.  ALL OF THE MONEY (except for the part that Amazon takes) will be donated to a worthy cause (be thinking of someone or some organization we can donate it to!).

You will still own your recipe.  You can do whatever you want with it. You can send it to your friends, send it to another cookbook, or even use it in your OWN cookbook.  By submitting the recipe, you are basically just saying that it's ok to put it in THIS cookbook.

The tall guy said he will send you an email to let you know that he got your recipe.  Once he has enough of them, he will let everyone know when the book is ready.  If you submit a recipe, he said he will send you a free copy of the ebook.  If you have any questions, please send him an email at jacksdad2011@gmail.com.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

May 1, 2011

It's Just Like Pulling Teefs!!

Sometimes the tall guy just does not want to go outside
and play.  Something about 120 degrees being too hot!

I told him we can always get up at 4AM to go play.
He said anytime I wanted to get up at 4AM to go play,
he would give me the car keys and let me go wherever I wanted!
So are you ready for a

I think this guy might like to go with me:

He's too cool for school!

And don't forget to get your recipes ready.
The tall guy said he would give out all
the information on Tuesday.

(If you do not have no idea what I'm talking about,
look HERE.)

The tall guy would like to know if anyone has access to a 
3 - 5 year old human bean.  He is working on a kid's book
and would like to see what they think about it.
Thank you!

I think if I had a human bean,
I would name them Pinto.
Just because :)