Sunday, July 26, 2009

July 26, 2009

Would someone PLEASE help me?

Ah, there is my blue Frisbee.
The tall guy must have brought it to the park
so I could play with it. Hmmm, I can't seem to pick it up!

Would you please come help me get my Frisbee?
I'll be right over here waiting.

Well, darn. This thing must be nailed to the ground.

Would you PLEASE come help me get my Frisbee?
If you help me, we can run after it and catch it and play with it!

Oh, wait, I almost got it that time!!!

Oh, I am very sorry to bother you while you are playing
with the busted soccer ball, but would you come help me get my Frisbee?

Won't someone PLEASE come help me get my Frisbee?
Won't YOU come help me get it?


  1. You really need to gets that Tall guy traind you know, these humans are suppose to be quite clever when given formal traning, they can be quite multi purpose. Now he could of picked it up for you, throwen it AND taken a photo of you chaising it, all ats the same time with just a little training.

  2. Morning Jack...If I was closer I'd help you get your frisbee. Today's pics and captions are very cute. Jack you and TG are too observant.
    Mom meant to take a pic of the Cat entrance before we went in yesterday...she took it from inside thus the TAC entrance.

  3. yeah... I think TG is being a slacker. He's the one with the thumbs and should be helping you with the frisbee. You can tell him I said that.

  4. Sorry your friends were too busy to come and help! sheesh! We would have helped if we were there (though I might have chuckled a bit before I did... it is fun to watch!).
    Moose + Dana

  5. Hey TG, Put down the camera and help a doggie out! Geez Louise!!!

  6. Whoa...I will come help you Jack...What, is TG's arm bnroke or somethin'?? You need to train hiim better!!

    Tee Hee Smileys!

  7. Give it up, Jack buddy. There's a reason no one wants to help you. Ever heard the expression, "let sleeping frisbees lie"?

  8. I will help you get your frisbee, Buddy!

  9. Jack, you put a new meaning in the LOL word. We're laughing our lungs out here. Your lessons to play with a fuzzy toy knocked us out!


  10. Hey Jack - I have a blue frisbee too - daddy throws it and thinks I'm going to get it and bring it back - NOT HAPPENING - if he throws it he better go get it - I'll chew on it but I'm not going after it!

    and Jack, remember to drop by my blog if you can to pick up your award which I made for all my friends! :=))

  11. hey Jack I wish I could help you out with that awesome frisbee, but I am not much of a frisbee girl if it were a ball............another story. =)

  12. Oh Jack, you are such a gentleman! I have the same trouble with frisbees.