Tuesday, August 18, 2009

August 18, 2009

What Was THAT?

When we went to the park today, all of a sudden I saw a funny looking dog run across the field not too far from us. I wagged my tail like you're supposed to, but he just kept running. I told the tall guy that that sure was one very rude dog! The tall guy told me that it was NOT a dog, but that it was a KIOTE (except he said it was spelled coyote which doesn't make any sense whatsoever!). I said well that was the first time I had ever SEEN a KIOTE, but I hear them all the time at night. Evidently, they just sit at home at night watching scary movies and just scream and scream all the time. I think someone needs to cancel their Netflix accounts!


  1. Good thing the Tall Guy was there to tell you 'bout Kiotes. One came thru MY yard last year. He moved pretty fast cuz 2 guys in uniforms were chasin' him. Mom was NOT happy!

    Grrrs to you!

  2. Oh Jack that is too scary....I'm so glad you and TG weren't too close to the kiote!!! Maybe it was scared and would have kept running but you don't need to take any chances. Are you sporting a new harness get up? Red is Mom's favorite color and it looks very nice with your coloring
    Madi and Mom

  3. Are they really good-looking, those cutees? I think here they are called differently - Dingoes. Definitely, not a cutee!

    I say, stayyy awayyy from them.

  4. ooh I have heard awful stories about them from the ducks at my park, Jack. Stay away from them...they have "issues".

    Keep the tail wagging!

    Olive :)

  5. We have them where I live too. In fact, authorities have been trying to catch one that is very aggressive for a long time. He goes after small dogs, sometimes in their own backyards! Olive is right - they definitely have issues.

  6. Jack what a pose you have going in the picture of when you saw the kiote. We hear them too sometimes when we go to the cabin. Sometimes they are far away and sometimes they sounded like they were at the back of the cabin.
    You do want to stay away from them.
    Glad TG was with you.
    Ernie & Sasha

  7. OMG Jack - you should move...I mean really? Oh wait, maybe not, Mom is yelling in the background about how beautiful Arizona is. We have skunks + racoons, but have you seen the report on the burmese pythons near Moose's place? I think we should all move in together it would be safer : )

  8. Those Kiotes are pretty dangerous Jack..Mommy wouldn't let us go out back alone at our old house because they use to roam around our neighborhood. "shiver"....Scary!

    Be careful...and call us if you need reinforcements!


  9. Stay away from those Kiotes, Jack. They're bad news!