Tuesday, August 25, 2009

August 25, 2009

Are you not listening to my mind?*
*(Overheard at the park today from a 4 year old to his dad!
And they say puppies talk funny!)

Things I did on my birthday...

First the tall guy and I went to the park and
saw lots and lots of peoples with their puppies.
It was like the puppy dam had burst!
People had to wade through all the poodles :)

Then we went to the beagle store and I got my Birthday Breakfast Beagle.
(Oh, the tall guy says it's BAGEL, not BEAGLE.)

Then (FINALLY), I got to open my birthday presents!
Well, I wouldn't actually say OPEN as the tall guy did not wrap them.
I got some of my old favorites:
I got some NEW BOTTLES.
I loved my old bottles. They made lots of noise.
Needless to say, I haven't seen them in a long time!

Then I got a FUNK-A-DELIC chewy thingy.

Next I got some goodness wrapped up in a beautiful package.
(At least SOMEONE loves me enough to wrap my presents.
Note to tall guy: Please note how presents SHOULD be done!)
MMMMMMM... paper!

Then, we went to something called a Farmer's Market,
but I didn't see any farmers for sale.
Just a bunch of vegetables and homemade stuff
like you might find on a...
OH, now I get it.

There was a really neat fountain,
but the tall guy wouldn't let me get in.

I don't know what this is,
but the tall guy seemed to think it was neat.
I think those are rabbits.

So, after we walked around the Farmer's Market,
(no farmers for sale),
we got in the car and came back home.

And then I took a long nap.
All in all, a pretty great day!

Please let me know when is YOUR birthday!

A couple of notes from the tall guy:
Thank you again to everyone for helping me celebrate Jack's birthday.
If anyone knows of a toy that puppies can NOT CHEW THROUGH
in less than 10 minutes, please let me know.

Funk-a-delic chewy thing:
Less than 5 minutes
Tennis balls on a rope:
Rope - 2 minutes
Tennis ball - about 5 minutes
(anything with a hole in it is doomed from the start!)
The brown bottle -
That lasted a little longer because we were playing keep-away, but once he got the squeeky part out,
it was all over.

The only thing I've found Jack CAN'T chew through are the solid non-edible NYLABONES.
Any other NYLA is pretty much cannon fodder.
He got an early birthday present - a NYLA-FISH....
NYLA-FISH - 3 minutes.

Miniature tires that look like real tires and are supposedly made out of tires:
Maybe 6 minutes.

Fortunately, he has stopped EATING the pieces when he tears them apart, but tear them apart he does!

So, any non-chewable recommendations will be appreciated. Thank you!


  1. ohhh jack! what a super day you had! :D
    and so many presents :D looks like you´ve been busy! :)

    TG: try the extreem kong, it´s extra resistent!

    big licks

  2. Hi Jack you had a birthday fit for the king you are. TG was good to you took you lots of places to smell new and interesting things.
    This is a bit of a horror story question but have you and TG seen the E-Vet show about things pets digest. Oh me Mom and I watched it over the weekend. Pretty darn scary.
    Enjoy your day Madi

  3. Jack, you are one lucky pooch to have TG!

    TG, the only toys my labs can't destroy are the nylabone and a big kong! I don't give them any stuffies!
    Fortunately they have each other to chew on!

  4. I am so glad you had a great birthday Jack, it sounded like a really cool day. I am pretty good with my toys and since I am a little 12 lb shih tzu, I don't have any advice, sorry. Try chewing on the tall guys shoes, that should keep you busy for a while.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  5. Jack!! Bark bark! You always have so much fun!! I cant wait now for my birthday!!

    **TG, Olive's Mom here! the Chew Toys...boy, we struggle with that too...sigh. We bought all the usual KONG Toys, etc.. and they dont last anymore.

    We do have a Buster Cube...filled it up with her food and let her roll that around, cant really chew on that.


    And we fill up her bowl with ICE a few times a day.

    If I think of any other tricks, I will pass them along..I am hoping this harness and leash hold out for us.

    Take care :)

    Olive and Mom!

  6. Wow! What a great birthday you had! I can't wait for my birthday...it's coming up soon (August 31st)! I hope Mom has some fun things planned for us too.

    Even though I am very small, I am a super chewer. Mom wonders sometimes how such a small mouth can do such large destruction. Try out a kong. They are supposed to be pretty indestructible...however, I have torn a piece off of one of ours. And I'm still working on it too.

    Chihuahua kisses,
    Bentley (& Lexus)

  7. Wow Jack, you sure are a power chewer!

    For a moment there it looked like your dad got you a beer for your birthday, BOL!


  8. BOL...You know, my Mommy didn't know what Jack wouldn't chew though either...Bilbo and I don't chew too much anymore...after Daddy's expensive leather shoes and his leather on the leatherman thingy we pretty much got all our chewing done (except for bones).

    How about some new furniture for him to go through???


    My birthday is the day after Christmas..but I don't forgotten cause Mama and Daddy's birthdays are also in December..Boney Man's birthday is May 19th...the day Mama and Daddy got engaged (they got engaged 2 years before Boney was born tho)!

    Have a great rest of your birthday week Jack!


  9. Oh Jack - you had a wonderful Birthday...I can see TG loves you very much, I notice he has you on a harness and very long lead just like my Mum and Dad do with me...I think they call it "responsible owner" or something like that!
    My Birthday is on 6th October and I will be 10 years old, I've had a few more Birthdays than you but I've been told that I don't look my age - that's what every girl loves to hear....even at my Vet's recently the new Vet guy there thought I was a 5 year old!!!

    As for suggesting suitable toys I would say my favourites when I was your age were a box of tissues or a plastic container of talcum powder with the top open, boy did I ever have fun with that Talcum I changed the entire look and colour of our house - the tissues give a similar effect...Oh Oh My Mum says these things are NOT toys, but I say they were great fun anyway.

    Cheers from Australia.

  10. What a fun day! I laughed v. hard re: bagel vs. beagle. You're cute. For a dog!

  11. Chew Toys??? Try a LT 260/70R 16 from Discount Tire. Its an outside thing.

  12. Hi Jack! Glad to hear that you had so much fun on your birthday.

    I am a pretty serious chewer myself killing stuffies in 2-5 minutes and most squeak toys equally quickly. The only toy that lasts a while is the Bad Cuz. (our local store does not have the Good Cuz so I haven't tried that) The Cuz has a squeaker, which I LOVE, but it also has feet. Sometimes I chew on the feet and grandma has to amputate but the squeaky ball lasts for months before my little chew marks begin to wear it out and I don't miss the feet. I also like the marrow filled beefy bones. My grandma says I can't be trusted to be left alone with anything because I have even bitten pieces off of the bones. Nyla bones don't last me very long either with me powerchewing the ends.

    Sure hope the TG finds a few things for you to play with. Pass any new info along so my grandma can get me some too.

  13. Heller, Jack!

    That was me last year... Nothing really lasts me more than 5 minutes then. The only toy left intact is my Kong! And my Nylabone, but bones are off limits to me at the moment (You know...wink!wink!).

    Then, my humans discovered that plastic containers also cracks me up big time and they liked that 'cause it's economical, they say. Nope, not the brittle plastic ones, they're baddies.

    The best and safest I'd say are RAW HIDES!!! I love chewing/eating raw hides, they last a little longer than the other chewies. The bigger the raw hide, the longer it lasts me. And it is also safe for me to eat.

    But you know what, now that I am a bit older, I don't chew as much anymore. I have discovered a new past time - day dreaming! Especially, under the sun.

  14. Good luck finding the indestructable toys! 9 years on and the only ones we found that Ruby didn't completely destroy were the ones she didn't like. These days we stick to stuffed toys from Goodwill. Still have to be strictly supervised, though.

  15. Thanks for sharing your day with us. It was like we were there!!! I wanted to come celebrate with you but Mom keeps saying you live way too far!!!!
    THat is a rumor about you chewing up the toys, I think it's a ploy from TG to get you more presents....