Friday, September 4, 2009

September 4, 2009

Naptime is nice time!
(says the tall guy)

Maybe if I pretend like I'm asleep, he'll go away!
So, I'll just wait here very still until he realizes
I'm not going to look at him.
I'll just lie here and..
I'll just...

Hey, what are you doing down there?
I wasn't asleep. I was just thinking about.... uh.... calculus!
Oh, and if you see any food while you're down there, would you hand it up here please?

Thank you.

*Note from the tall guy: ZZZZZ? That's a good one. When Jack snores, imagine a bunch of old men lying on the couch after a big Thanksgiving dinner all snoring at the same time! (Although if you DO have a bunch of old men lying on your couch at ANY time, you may want to consider moving!) Imagine the forest service clear cutting hundreds of acres of really thick trees. Imagine you're standing under the rockets of the space shuttle when it's lifting off. Although I've been told (but can't confirm) that he learned to snore from me. Now THAT'S a pleasant thought :)


  1. The snoring here may rival, if not surpass, all examples you listed. The Gizzy and Pawpa chorus is .. um .. LOUD.

  2. Try sleeping in an RV w/ 3 snoring Labs and a snoring/grunting husband...welcome to my world for the next 2 months.

  3. Yes, I know all about it too :)) Sometimes I have to listen to snoring in stereo when DH and Ben are both going.


  4. answer your question, it has been my experience that some Labs snore all the time, but all Labs snore some of the time!!!
    Sleepless in Georgia

  5. Hi TG,
    I feel your TG snores just like Jack...and when I wake him to get him to roll over, he says I haven't been asleep how can I be snoring...Welcome to my world.
    Madi and Mom

  6. Hi Jack! Your photos are always great! May I ask your tall guy to take my picture? Ana's photos are terrible!
    Everyone says I snore and I sound like thunder, but I don't believe them! I sleep like a princess!
    Rufus (and Indie)

  7. That pic of you looking down is pawesome Jack! Labbie faces get so smooshy when they are looking down. Funny how that is cute in a dog but not in people!
    TeddyNo could saw some serious logs but he had a radiator inspection so i thought that might be why... I guess you have always snored even before your inspection? Are you all better no? My moose is not s snorer lucky for me!
    Moose + Dana

  8. I am so glad I am a little diva princess and don't snore...But my Mom and Dad...WHEW...Bilbo has taken to sleeping downstairs!!


  9. Jack...

    I could look at your face all day :) Snoring or not, you are welcome to nap on our sofa any day!

    I don't snore too much unless I am REALLY tired. I have some humans that make up for it though and keep ME Up!

    Licks to you..

    Olive :)

  10. How'd you get TG on the floor while you were up there...hmmm I could use some pointers : )

    Note from Mom: Parker doesn't snore too much just once in a while

    Parker says - that's when i'm REALLY tired from doing things....

    Note from Mom: like getting into the laundry maybe...?

  11. Jack what was he doing down there?? I don't snore but my Mom snores like crazy. I mean the neighbors call and complain. Sometimes even the police are called. SASHA!! Oops I gotta go, shhhhhhhh, but it is true.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha