Tuesday, September 15, 2009

September 15, 2009

Jack and the PWF!
(Puppy Wrestling Federation)

Some people may wonder how I got to be in charge of the PWF (Puppy Wrestling Federation). Well, here's why. This is a picture of my last opponent... well, what's LEFT of him! I think Remington and I are going to become a tag-team so that we can RULE THE RING!!! (If you don't know Remington, you should go visit his blog - he's a pretty awsome pup!)

Actually, the tall guy took the bone away from me after about 10 minutes - he said he wanted it to last for at least ONE day. He wrapped it up in shiny stuff and put it in the refrigerator. Does anyone here know how to open the fridge door?

(Note from the tall guy: This was the 2nd bone Jack got today. The first one was a much smaller pork bone and he had it disassembled in about 5 minutes - so into the trash it went. This was was lasting a bit longer, until he broke off the joint (the part he's chewing on in the picture). So, I took it outside and used a hammer to remove the other joint - it was like beating on cement. How he got ANY of it broken off is beyond me. Eventually I did get the knuckle removed, and let Jack have the bone back for a few minutes. BUT, I'm going to have to carefully watch him when I do let him have it, and only for a few minutes at a time. Thank you for all the suggestions about things for Jack to chew on. I'll keep you posted about what I find that he can NOT destroy in less than 5 minutes!)


  1. I think that bone is bigger than my dog!

  2. Jaws of steel!! Jack that is one big bone. I think I would faint if I ever saw that up close.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  3. Jack, where on earth did you dig up that dinosaur bone????


  4. If you figure out how to open the fridge please let me know! My momma keeps cooking treats for me and forgetting to give them to me and instead she is putting them in there! She has lost it! Be sure that whatever you try does not leave any incriminating evidence. I heard her muttering about cleaning my beak prints off the bottom 3 feet of the fridge door, so I think she is on to me!

  5. Wow Jack! That bone..it is HUGE!! Ten dogs could share that bone and still have some left!

    Licks and Tail Wags--Olive :)

  6. That's a really big bone Jack - I would love that if I could get my mouth around it - Mom said to tell your dad TIRES - she buys me tire rubber things - I can't/don't destroy them - and that is the ONLY thing I don't chew away and swallow - I'm small but i'm a mighty chewer - Good luck Big Guy on finding something for Jack to chew on

  7. Hey Jack.....whoa that is one honking big bone...is it from a dinosaur?
    Yay for you and Remington...I know Remington too he is one great big (still growing) handsome, shiny black Newfie...everyone needs to go meet him.

    Kitty Friends Best News...Remington is Kitty friendly!!! He has kitties in his house.

  8. Yikes Jack!!! What dinosaur did you hunt down?!?!?

    lotsa licks,

  9. There you go Jack! We need our yummy bones! It's part of our training! Keep it up....when is our first match? I have been pumping iron and building my muscles up. We are going to ROCK!!!!

  10. One more thing from Beth....may I post a pic of Jack on Rem's blog....let me know on our blog site....thanks! If you want to see what I have done I will need your email to send it to you ahead of time....just fun stuff! Thanks.

  11. WOWOWOW....

    You know Jack...it's NICE to share!!


  12. Molly Labrador (Australia)September 15, 2009 at 4:43 PM

    What a tasty looking bone Jack, I used to love nothing more than chewing on one of those...I took great pride in prancing around the house carrying my big bone in my mouth showing it off before 'attacking' it.....then....something terrible happened....My Dad told my Vet-Man how I loved chewing on these ginormous bones and he told my Dad they were not a good idea and that I could break my teeth on them so that was the end of that,,,no more ginormous tasty bones for me.....Not fair!!!!!!!!

    Molly Labrador

  13. Is that a dinosaur bone? Huuuuge!
    Yeah Jack! You can do it!
    Rufus and Indie