Monday, October 22, 2012

October 23, 2012


Look at this:

The tall guy went to the Costco and bought like 
200 pounds of candy for Halloweens.

Do I like Snickers?  No.
Do I like Milky Ways?  No.
Do I like Butterfingers?  No.
I don't even HAVE fingers!

Do I like Laffy Taffys?
Do I like SweetTarts?
Do I like Skittles?
I don't even know what Skittles is!

Do I see any cookies in there?
Do I see any Three Dog Bakery?
Do I see any treats that I would want?

So tell all your peoples to come by
our house and get all of this stuff they want.
Cause it's not doing me any good.
And the tall guy doesn't need any of it!

Actually, if you bring me some cookies
BEFORE Halloweens,
you can have a whole bag full!
It will be our secret!


  1. We got the same problem over here Jack! It must be spreading around Blogville.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  2. Jack

    We are on our way to bring you cookies.

    Paw Bumps,


  3. Aw, Jack

    It's not fair, I tell ya!!! The tall guy should let YOU pick out the Halloween goodies....that way, you could have a great time with all the left-overs on November 1st.

    Your friend,

  4. Cute dog, is it a labrador?

    Cool, I will bring cookies for you because I LOVE chocolates. lol

  5. BOL - we always treat the dogs that come to our house. Monty and Sam try to eat all the treats in that bowl!


  6. cookies are on the 'way'!..hope the treats are gone soon and your life is back to normal!

  7. Jack - We'll be straight over .

  8. Jack, Jack, Jack, you're killin me dude....first, a box full of unstuffed stuffies, and now bags of candies??? Sorry, in this house candy is free game (even tho cookies way better). I'll work on those cookies for ya tomorrow, My Lady doesn't look to cooperative tonight.

  9. Oh my! What was he thinking?
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  10. Boy oh boy do they know how to waste money Benny and Lily

  11. I know, this is such a bogus holiday for us!

  12. OH Jack what a look of 100% disgust you have.
    I think it is quite shameful for TG and my Mom to be foodables police. All I hear when I want my nightly ration of 6 Sensations (which are itty bitty) is Madi you cannot have any more. I could hardly taste them. BUT I don't get to be Mom's treat police.
    Hugs madi your BFFF

  13. Oh dear - that just isn't right at all!

  14. Jack -- Skittles are little things you plant and they grow to be beautiful flowers with the colors of the be sure to take ALL of those and get them planted as soon as possible! You can use your unique digging skills! Sorry the Tall Guy never thinks of you....he should have stopped by the Bakery FIRST....just for YOU, my friend....

  15. What's happened to the tall guy?

  16. Come on over to our house Jack. Our mom is a sucker for the "sad pitiful dog look". She always says "no more" and then gives in and we get cookies. We have her trained, but shhhsh, don't tell anyone. We will try to get cookies to you.

  17. What???? Don't you have any dogs come trick a treating in your neighborhood - gosh aren't you going to feel bad when they paw at the door and you have NOTHING to give them - trust me - giving out a poop bags doesn't cut it!

  18. now jack.
    here's how it goes down.
    wait til it's dark and the tall guy's in bed.
    meet me at the back door.
    i'll have a bag of cookies and i trade ya for a bag of snickers.
    tammy j
    i'll be in all black.
    i suggest you do something about that blonde coat of yours.

  19. Jack.. Tell the tall guy to get you some pumpkin dog treats at Trader Joes! I love them so much I ate the box they came in! Oh and tell him to send Axel some too!