Sunday, October 7, 2012

October 8, 2012

What's on YOUR mantle?

For some reason, the tall guy has a bunch of 
'me's on our mantle.  

I have NO idea what that green thing is.

He's got a lot of pictures of me in the
bedrooms and in all the rooms of the house.

I don't know why, since he can just
look at me every day!

How many pictures of you
do your peoples have around your house?

On another note,
the printing company that did the
Alpha-Pet book sent 2 extra copies
to the tall guy.

He said he would like to give them away
if someone can come up with a good

So put your ideas in the comments below!



  1. Hmmm... How 'bout a Jack look-a-like contest? LOL - however, we couldn't play!


  2. We don't have a mantle! How about something autumn related-best jack-o-latern or scarecrow?

  3. I counted 3 pictures but one is a caricature. Do I win something?

    I think your contest should be something like this... any dog named Tank who leaves the 3rd comment on this post gets a copy of the book. (Can you tell I'm determined to win something here? BOL)

  4. The best scary k-9 or feline face for Halloween. I could enter Allred without doing any photoshopping at all. He would win for sure, so the way I see it, Tank gets one book, and I win the other.
    No contest needed.

  5. Oh, Jack, you're such a handsome puppy - if you were my dog, I would collage an entire wall with your picture!! Could never get enough of a great puppy like you, even though you would be there in person, to be petted and loved on!

    How about a contest to guess the total number of your pics that are actually on display throughout the tall guy's house? Or, maybe he could post his favorite of you and have a contest for the funniest caption submitted - It would be pretty tough to out-wit the tall guy, but it would be fun trying! BOL

    Have a great week!

    Your friend,

  6. Jack,

    I agree with Nancy... you are such a handsome puppy, so its no wonder TG has so many of your pics... my mom made a couple of collage of my pics with a little one and have made them into frames to hang around house and at GrandMa's also. She also made calendars, and coffee mugs and jute bags and cushion covers and even a T-shirt with my face on it... Humans are weird I tell you... But then again, how are they going to resist a couple of handsome and lovable puppies like us... Right?


  7. WTG Jack and when TG can't see YOU I bet he can see your furs.
    Mom has 2 pictures (what only two) of me but she has a gazillion furs everywhere even on her clothes!!
    Speaking of the Alpha-Pet Book we have it featured on our blog today. We absolutely love our book.

    Let's see a contest to win a book: Since the Alpha-Pet book is all about rhymes you could have a rhyming contest. Maybe you give everyone an letter or an subject and they make up a rhyme. Everyone could vote for their favorite rhyme.

    Hugs Madi your BFFF and

  8. One can never have too many reminders of how super duper Jack is and that is why our peoples have so many of us. Since there are 3 of us at home, we have to share the mantle, so about 6 pictures here.

    We like Madi and Mom's idea OF A RHYME. Maybe a rhyme about dogs, or dogs and cats, or maybe just about.....hmmmm...let's see...Jack?

  9. A Howloween Costume Contest!!!
    We Could Have a Christmas Canine (or feline) Contest

  10. Molly and Bosley and MomOctober 8, 2012 at 10:53 AM

    Jack, contests are fun! Since Halloweenie is coming up, how about us pups/kitties submit our favorite Halloweenie pictures of ourselves, and then you get the TG to post them here and let the peeps vote for their favorite? I bet it would be fun for the peeps too lookin' at all the pictures! Also, we were wonderin', if we win the contest, could you maybe send some puppy cookies along with the Alpha-Pet book?

    Lubs, Molly & Bosley

  11. I like the idea of a costume contest! There is only ONE PIC of me on our living room wall! HUMPH! Guess I gotta do something about that!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  12. Gosh - Blueberry will be mad. I have zero pictures of her. Although she is on my desktop at work. Does that count? Plus, she has her own blog so that's got to count for something.

    A contest...hmmm...I honestly don't know. I think others have had some good ideas here though!

  13. How many candy corns are in the jar. It's Halloween + the Tall Guy will have to count them, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  14. I think there something seriously amiss in my house. No photos! Although we do has a painting of me.

  15. There are tons of pictures of me everywhere. My Sister teases Mommy that there are more pictures of me then her(snickers).

    Loveys Sasha

  16. i don't have a mantle jack. however . . .
    i'd have a picture of you there for sure, handsome guy!
    but center stage would be a picture of my beloved zeke.
    he's chasing little clouds now.
    xo jack,
    tammy j

  17. We ordered our chewable copies of both your books and got the email confirmation of shipping, but the books haven't arrived yet. Are they going to smell like you?

    There are lots of photos of us on the 'puter, but we were dismayed to discover the only doggie photos displayed about the house are of Cousin Pretty Girl or some Danes we never knew. Guess we'd better get mama some more picture frames for Christmas.

    Jed & Abby

  18. I am showing this post to my momma. There are not nearly enough photos of me around the estate.