Monday, September 27, 2010

September 27, 2010

Do we HAVE to look at those
vacation pictures again?

Yes, now be quiet and act like you're interested!

We saw lots of stuff when we were at the campings.
Here is what the cactuses look like in the mountains.

Someone said it didn't look like Arizona.
Well, it really is.
I asked the tall guy where we were and he said
we were in a town called Greer in the White Mountains.
There is even a ski place there.
I think Khyra and all the other huskies
would like that when it snows!

Evidently I have a tendency to get
a bit excited around the water,
and my listening skills aren't
as good as they should be.

Which led to this:

You may have noticed that in the first video,
I was 'sans string'
which means I could run all over.
You may also have noticed in the second video
I was no longer the free-spirit, speed demon
that I was in the first video.
Something about how I ran away
into the woods the first day
and didn't come back when the tall guy called for me,
and he got all scared that I was going to get lost,
and I knew where he was all the time,
and, blah blah blah,
I don't want to go into it.

I did help gather the firewood.
Even though the cabin had a gas fireplace,
it never hurts to be prepared!

We saw so many different things.
Here is a gate.

And here is another gate.
Can you see the bear and the elk?
I don't even know what is a bear and a elk,
but there they are.

That second gate was for the house
that costed two millions of dollars.
It is for sale.
When we found out that it
costed two millions of dollars, well...
It is still for sale.

This is not the house with the gate.
This house was near our cabin.
I asked the tall guy why we didn't stay at this house.
I did not know what was the 'stink eye',
but I do now!

I still got to go back and play in the water:

It was really really fun!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my vacation.
You will have to come with us next time.
Just remember to bring something to read
because it gets really dark at night
and the tall guy won't let you watch anything
but the HGTV on the teevees.


  1. Jack, I don't think I've ever seen you so happy...You and TG need to go camping more often...

  2. Hey Jack - Shiloh'n Shasta here - that campin'stuff lookz like fun. U did a really good job of helpin'tu git the firewood fer TG. Me Shiloh - I haz a real hard time sumtimez with that listenin'stuff tu. R mom just don't unnerstand the impawtence of checkin'out the smellz - u can tell a lot by difrent smellz. Yep - r mom watchez that HGTV stuff a lot tu when the teevee werks - which it duzn't rite now - BORINNNNN!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi, Jack!
    I loved your videos!
    Sure you had lots of fun running around, and a nice splashing time and working hard with the sticks!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. Jack, it seems as though you and TG had a great time doing the campings. You are so helpful collecting wood. Glad you got to play in the water.


  5. Hi Jack, we really like Greer too. The eastern part of the state is truly wonderful; like a whole nuther world. Its been awhile since we have been up there. So glad you two are having a swell time. Yes, I was surprised when no string was attached. TC came to his senses of course. Hang in there, you hearing is bound to get better.

  6. Strings ay....

    Can't live with 'em
    Can't live without 'em. According to the beans of course.

    Glad you are having an adventure of sorts, keep safe and I dont see the harm in giving the TG a bit of a heart attack once in a while... keeps him on his toes..

  7. Maybe we could come with you next time? We need to get out of this heat too!


  8. Woof! Woof! What a SMILE Jack. You did had FUN FUN FUN!!! Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  9. We never get to go sans string, Jack. So we are glad you found a way to enjoy your little bit of freedom. You are quite the wood gatherer - you need to take the TG back there in the winter so we can see the snow and you can help keep the cabin warm with all that wood.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  10. Jack,
    What a fun time you had!
    Mom and dad NEVER takes me with dem on vacations....I want to come stay with you!! :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  11. Camping seems to suit you. You'd make a good boy scout Jack.

  12. MOL Jack good for TG putting your string on...Mom was worried too...but she gets lost a lot.

    Were you panning for gold in that 2nd picture.
    Looks like you gathered enough wood to build a
    s'mores fire...yummy

    TG any favorites on TAR yet? How can anyone get to the age of the gal who admitted to never having heard of Stonehenge? It is a wonder the gal who took a watermelon in the face did not pass out. My fav so far are the Dad and daughter and the doctors

  13. Listen? What is that? For some reason, we are never allowed sans string.

  14. What a happy boy! Looks like a great place! Moose has been allowed sans string a few times and it has not gone well! I end up with that scary but trying not to sound scary voice and calling him back using little tricks that have worked in the past but don't now so i have a feeling I get why you ended up less free spirited the next day! I bet you made TG nervous! You pups would be allowed to be free more if we could just agree on some kind of safe word that would make you return no matter what... sigh...
    Glad you had fun though- even on the string it looks like you had a blast and it is nice to see a happy boy!
    p.s. if TG did not need firewood maybe you could have used it to build a fence like the first one you showed!

  15. You and TG have so many adventures, Jack. Poor Tootie, she only gets to go to the side yard and she is always on a string, because like you have demonstrated, being off the string means running around like a crazy dog. She is still a youngster and doesn't come back when she is called and her mama doesn't like the game of chase. Have a fun week!!!


  16. Poor Tall Guy.....I bet he was skeered silly when you disappeared! Butt I'm glad you knew where you was, and didn't get lost.

    I hopes you took some of those cactus seeds home to your house. Just think how impressed your neighbors would be to see those cactus growing in your area!


  17. I do believe camping agrees with you my friend. I think you and the Tall Guy should become professional campers. Wouldn't that be fun?

  18. Thanks for the pictures....looks like you and tall guy had a great time....!!!

    Enjoy....Mia and Max...Misskitty, too!!

  19. You look like you had a great time Jack! Thanks for sharing your lovely pics with us. Campings definetly seems to agree with you.

  20. Oh, Jack! I just luved looking at all your vacation pictures! I understand abouts losing your mind when you're in the mountains, though. I did that running-off-but-I-still-knew-where-they-were thing the first time I was in the mountains, too. And whoa! Were they ever fast to snap that string back on!

    And abouts that 2 million green paper house. Do you thinks if all the doggies in Blogworld puts their green papers together, we could buy it? And then every year we could have a Dog Blog convention there! I bet it could happen.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  21. Looks like a great place Jack & you look very happy runnin' free. We found out at our cabin place there are critters & it just isn'g a good thing to stray away no matter how much fun it is. But it looks like even with the string thing you got in a lot of funtime!!!! Maybe you will do it again soon.

  22. Jack, you are so helpful! I love the videos. That place looks terrific. I'll look at your vacation photos anytime!

  23. Oh JAck
    You did a great job getting the firewood. Yah I do that not come back trick too sometimes, and they get all bent outta shape bout it, so I understand the leash thing. Looks like a great and fun vacation that you had!!


  24. I was DOUBLE STRINGED at The Tails on The Trails -

    Khan woo believe that?

    I know Khousin Abby got to experience some snow up in Prescott earlier this year -

    I think by simply inkhluding the word huskies in the post, it guaranteed non-funkhtional ears!

    PeeEssWoo: Nice house - are woo sure it really isn't your new one?

  25. Wow jack, Watching you run around makes me feel like I'm on a vacation.
    I've mentioned you twice lately without thinking. I was in a store and a dog that I think looked just like you came out from the back and ran up to me and I said "hi Jack".(no, I was not on a plane). His mommy corrected me. then my grands were picking up sticks and I said "who do you think you are, Jack?" They didn't get it and I let it slide. It's hard to explain when you're not a dog and you don't have a dog and they really want a dog that I read a blog from a dog. (our secret)
    Glad you had a great time.