Friday, September 24, 2010

September 24, 2010

What Do YOU Do
When You See Another Dog?

For some reason, and the tall guy doesn't know why,
whenever I see another dog walking out at the park,
I like to sit down and wait for him/her
to come over and say hello.
He did not even teach me how to do this.
I just started doing it on my own.

The tall guy gets tickled,
because everyone always says
"Look at that good dog.
He is so well behaved."
(That part always makes the tall guy laugh!)

If they start to come over,
I will usually lie down,
so that they will know that I am not going
to jump on them.

Well, maybe just once,
I kinda tried to kiss the person
with the dog,
but that was just because I was
so excited that they brought their
dog over to see me.

Oh, all right.
The tall guy said that I sorta kinda might
have a very slight tendency to almost
always try to say hello to the people.
But we are working on that.

Did I tell them the big news?
I thought you told them.
Oh my.
Well, the big news is...
What do you mean I've
typed too many letters for today?
And that I'll have to wait until tomorrow to
tell everyone the big news?
I didn't know I had a letter limit.
Oh well,
I guess everyone had better come back tomorrow then!


  1. Jack is a gentleman...He must have a good role model or is it genetics?

    Big news? Too many letters for today?
    You're such a tease!

  2. The HVAC Guy was here on Thursday fur the PM to make sure The Dragon was ready -

    I gave him my best hug khyss etc -

    Way to go Jack!


  3. No fair keeping secrets!
    Jack, you are a good dog. I pull on my leash when I see another dog and Stanzie barks. Is it hard to be a good dog?


  4. How do you expect us to sleep, you good dog you?

  5. JAck
    BOY!! You sure are a good dog. I must admit that I am not like that!! When I see another dog, I well, kinda go biserk!! Thats cuz I want to play so bad. Once I get around the dog and we do our sniffin bit, then I am fine and we play!!


  6. Jack - You are a tease ! We're kind of hoping the big news has got something to do with pie. Or sausages. With behaviour like that you desrve it.

  7. That very good of you, very good manners!! I do that sometimes with little dogs to show them I not scary.
    ~lickies, Ludo

  8. Jack,

    My mom WISHES I would acted like that when we see another pup....maybe someday. :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS I will be back tomorrow, fur sure!

  9. Jack we are very very impressed....
    Mom told me one time her mom told didn't matter how she acted at home BUTT she better behave herself in public!!! Looks like you have on your public face today. You are 200
    Gentleman!! We can hardly wait for tomorrow's news.
    Happy Weekend,
    Madi and Mom

  10. I am NOT going to let Beth read this! I have a problem sometimes in this area. I believe that EVERYONE loves me and can't wait for me to run up and give them a hello kiss! Well, no it's not THAT bad any more....but at one time -- it was! I guess as I get older it gets better, atleast that's what Beth says. I can't wait to hear your news! Thanks a lot, my friend, now I won't be able to sleep tonight....

  11. What a good boy you are Jack! We are not nearly so good. Mama has to remind us all the time not to use our combined 235 pounds to pull her over to all the doggies we want to visit. Can't wait to hear your big news.

    Katie and Louie the Newfs

  12. People think you're a good dog, but that's only because your legs aren't pogo-sticks like Tootie's. She can't NOT jump....her pogo sticks are always working better than the energizer bunny. So, the big news, well, it's not what I'm thinking. But you don't know what I'm thinking. Do you?


  13. Manners fly out the door when we see another dog....we bark, jump up and down and wag our tails....!!! Do you teach behavior classes...??

    Enjoy....Max & Mia

  14. SOOOO....You hop/jump on people to....YESSSSS!!
    My internal wiring goes haywire when I see a lady in particular. I try to snuggle up to them and hope that a treat is extended but my pushiness sometimes 'turns off' the victim...I'm learning though.

  15. Cabana sits when another dog is approaching, too--but only when she is on leash. Off leash, Cabana often does a "stand off" thing, both dogs checking each other out from a distance. Cabana sometimes jumps on people, but only at the dog park, not in our house or in more "behaved" settings. I think she knows people at the dog park have treats, and that makes her overly excited. It's still embarrassing, though!

  16. Jack that is so awesome! I am still getting used to the other dogs that come near me, so I tend to bark, out of fear. But I'm getting much better. I now have 7 dogs in my life that I get along with pretty well!

    Can't wait to hear about your suprise!


  17. big news?!
    can you teach darwin your secret of sitting when she sees another dog?

  18. Wow Jack, that is exactly what I do when approached by a strange dog. M.O.M. says she is glad I do it and hopes it tells all the big dogs that I am just a little girl and just want to play. M.O.M. has noticed that I do the sit and wait approach to new friends since that giant PitBull tried to bite my head off in the woods of Montana. It has worked so far so I think I will keep it up!!
    We are anxious to hear you news jack!!
    Hugs and wags, Mistaya

  19. Well Jack, you certainly have good manners. PeeWee usually goes cracker dog, yuh because he thinks everybody he meets wants to be his friend. Humph.


  20. Ah, a cliffhanger post.

    Yer killin' me.