Thursday, October 21, 2010

October 21, 2010

Our D I V O R C E
became final today.

Me and little T A L L G U Y
will be going away...

Can you tell that the tall guy
has been listening to sad country music this week?
And no, no one is getting divorced.
It's just a song! :)

Actually he said he is feeling much better,
but for some reason, he gets a little upset
when I sleep next to him
and start running in my sleep.
Something about waking him up
because it feels like 200 horses are
jumping on the bed
and then it takes him 3 hours to get back to sleep
and blah blah blah,
I just stop listening when he gets like this.

So then I tried to sleep with my back next to his,
and then he gets upset because he can't move
and I'm on top of the covers
and his side gets sore and he's hot
because evidently I might be a tad warm
when I'm laying on top of him.

He said that some dogs do not even get to sleep
with their peoples and that some dogs
aren't even allowed to get on the BED!
Well, I think we need to change that.

So I have a plan...


  1. You have a plan... Is it to sneak onto the sofa in Tall Guys study? That's what Harry did about four years ago. One morning we woke up (He never even tried to get into bed with us - two people and a German shepherd, just not enough room for one bed!)and he was all snuggled in the corner of his "Daddy's" sofa...and that's where he slept from then on out. Every night! Is is maybe your plan to sleep on tall guys sofa??
    Waiting to hear!

  2. When peoples listen to country, they do get a little crazy.
    Tell TG to boot scoot boogie with you instead of listening to how peoples are always going to the Big D and don't mean Dallas!

  3. Well,, you sure are Lucky Jack. I am one of those that dont get to sleep on the bed. MAybe if she takes a nap, I will be able to but otherwise it is ZIP! Dont you hate it when they go on and on and on??


  4. A tad warm ? Wheeesh , some people are just never happy. Just you wait until it starts to get chilly and then he'll be begging you to come back !

  5. I feel your pain Jack. My Dad is CONSTANTLY complaining about the same thing. Hello? How about some appreciation for a living blanket?

  6. Well Jack you have us sitting on the edge of our seats with anticipation and questions.

    If you get tired of your day job as Royal dog in residence you should try your paw at writing suspense novels!!!

    We'll be back tomorrow to read about your plan and see where you and little Tall Guy are going!!

    Madi and Mom

  7. I can't wait to hear this one....

  8. Oh goodness, that's horrible that some dogs dont get to share the bed... all I know is I have two who insist they deserve to sleep on the bed. And one little one who thinks she should too. However, until she's fully crate trained, she wont be sleeping on the bed!

    Honestly, love your blog, it's my first comment here, but I read all the time. :)

    Jen and the Black Dog Crew

  9. IMAGINE...not allowed on a BED! Unheard of, I say, it took me a while but the guys gave in..LOL. So easy! Yes I'm warm if not HOT so peeps take advantage of the free heat...and it doesn't contribute to the global warming they keep talkin' about!

  10. A plan - Oh I can't wait to hear that one.

    I don't sleep with Mom - but now that I'm a little under the weather - she's sleeping on the couch in the living room to be near me - so I move to the foyer. Sometimes a girl just needs her S P A C E ! - Abbey

  11. I stopped loving her today? George Jones?

  12. Welcome to my world Jack. :(

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  13. Oh Jack... we's ready for 'da plan!! Our Daddy 'doesn't allow us's in 'da bed!!

    Mommy tries to sneak us in when he's asleep..
    'da nerve.. we's draw on his face and pee on his head... snorts!!

    We's like yous tunes!!
    IzZY, Josie, TriXie and P. Mastiff

  14. Jack! You and the TG ok there? Hope so :) I'm in my own little cave next to the bed, and am quite comfy!!!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  15. Sheesh!

    I used to sleep on the bed, but have been relegated to my own bed, in Ma's room. Her excuses sounded much like your TG's complaints...

    Hoping you and the TG are ok! And a Hopefully Happy Friday to you

  16. Cabana doesn't get to sleep on our bed, for all those reasons and more. A groggy, grumpy dog-mama is not fun, and when dog-mama ain't happy, ain't no puppy happy.

  17. Share the bed? I am not even allowed in the sleepy room!


  18. My mom's bed was the first piece of furniture I jumped on when I first came home with her! Maybe TG should get a bigger bed!


  19. Sounds like someone has been cranky!
    Those issues on the bed are familiar to me... and I am smaller than you!
    Kisses and hugs

  20. Not allowed on the bed! What kind of world is that!?!! :)
    Maddy and Owen

  21. So, tall guy will be sleeping on the sofa from now on? BOL


  22. Poor Tootie can't even reach the bed, Bwahahahah! Actually, jack, I think TG should buy you your own KING sized bed, so you can stretch out. Do you prefer Eqyptian cotton or satin sheets?


  23. Aaron can't stand the heavy breathing (Sam) in the middle of the night - he says it shakes the bed too much! My only issue is when Monty decides the best place to sleep is on my head!


  24. We are pretty lucky guys - that we get to sleep on the beds. TG has a point, but hey i'm still on your side Jack!!!