Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June 16, 2011

All the pretty colors!!!


Somehow I don't think you're supposed to look stoned when they take the red-eye out of your pictures...

I think I'll let the Tall Guy write the rest of this post.

TG:  Thank you for all the well wishes after my recent celebration of The Poisoning of the Food holiday.  A good time was had by none, but I'm feeling much better.  Unfortunately, I have no idea what I ate that caused it, but I did lose 10 pounds!

It's time to select which organization we would like to support with the recipe book proceeds.  If Jack has done things right, you should see a place to vote on the right hand side of your screen.  I think Blogger will only let you vote once.  The voting will be open until Tuesday, June 21.

Here are the nominees (you can click on the name to see what they do):

•  Hearts In Harmony 

•  The Tufts University Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine

•  Arizona Golden Retriever Connection 

•  French Bulldog Rescue Network 

•  All For One

•  Old Dog Haven

•  Humane Society of Missouri

•  A Chance For Bliss

•  WorldVets

•  Saving Death Row Dogs

•  Coast and Canyon Wildlife Rescue

•  Chase Away K9 Cancer

•  Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary

I'm still waiting on a few recipes, but the book is about 90% complete.  We'll have a big unveiling when it's ready to go on sale.

We can also decide if we want to give all the money to the top vote getter or split the money between the top two vote getters.  Hopefully there will be enough money to be able to do that!

I've asked Madi's mom to help me with all the money stuff.  Amazon doesn't start paying until 60 days have passed (in order to take care of returns).  As of now, there will only be a Kindle book (as that is the only one that Amazon allows you to sell by yourself), but I may put the other versions on another site so that more people can help.

I would like to thank everyone for helping with this project.  It's sad to see how many organizations there are that really need money., but hopefully we will be able to help a little.

And Jack is right.  He DOES look stoned in that picture!  But then again, the way he normally acts, it might be hard to tell if he was! :)


  1. Jack, dude... lookin' handsome as always.


  2. This is exciting...momma needs food poisoning to lose 10 lbs. BOL
    Benny & Lily

  3. Aww...Jack, you look cool as ever!! Thats great that the book will help others!! WTG Jack and the TG. Glad that you are feeling better!!


  4. Glad you're back on your feet! Can't wait to see how the book turns out!

  5. I've voted & I've also submitted our recipe! I am so sorry for not pee-mailing it to you earlier. We've been so busy & totally forgot about it! Anyway, me thinks Jack looks handshum in that picture. Love his liver nose.

  6. TG we are very glad you are feeling better...that was some bad stuff you got into.
    I bet you are a little hesitant to eat out again. Not a good way to lose 10 lbs. either.

    We thank you and Jack for all the work, time and TLC you have put into publishing the Jack's Cookbook for such a worthy cause.
    Jack you have lovely brown eyes.
    Hugs Madi

  7. Happy Jack with the pink nose, we're so glad TG is feeling better!

  8. So happy to hear that TG is feelin' better. I'm lookin' forward to the release of the cook book...hopefully in paperback form (since we don't have a Kindle).

  9. Glad to hear the TG is feeling better. You -- stoned -- no....

  10. Lay off the pot dood! you don't know if we're talkin to Jack or Jack Daddy...

    Bobo and Meja

  11. Yeah right, blame it on the red eye fix! :)

  12. Jack,

    Mom and me is tryin' to gets caught up wif everybodys, do you still need recipes? Mom said her will send you one if you do.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS My mom could lose at least 10 pounds but her doesn't want to do it da way the TG did it. ;) We is happy him is feelin' better.

  13. Did you eat taco bell. Many people get food poisening from them.

  14. Woof! Woof! Glad TG is feeling better. Golden Thanks for including our rescue group. I vote we should split it ... Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar
    BTW: Jack please tell TG we send him an email. Golden Woofs, Sugar

  15. We's ketch'up on bloggy's and sorry your TG got sickies-

    me sissy IzZY needs some fast weight loss regimens - hu hu's just kidding- hers will get mad if hers reads 'dis

    Me is exciting 'da cook book is coming along-

    Anakin Man

  16. Wow, it's so hard to vote, all such great organizations! But ALL FOR ONE got my vote. I like the idea of a smaller organization getting the money because it will make a greater impact.

    Glad the TG is feeling better. Thank goodness Jack didn't come down with the same ailment!

  17. There you go, the voting will be open till June 21, so that means my vote for WorldVets still counts. :)

    With that look in your eyes, Jack, you remind me of a dog I once had who used to look at me that way whenever I'm eating junk food and he wanted some. So, I'm guessing TG is eating something when this picture was taken :)

  18. At least you don't look like the green eye monster like I seem to look in all my pics.
    Food poisoning is BAD.

  19. Careful, Jack, we once had a dog (Nikita) who did mushrooms in our back yard and ended up feeling quite wacky.

  20. Nice to meet you Jack even if you do look a little spaced out. We think you look just fine. We sure hope you can get the book of recipes out in a normal book since we cannot afford to get a kindle deal. Love your blog and we would like to get your book too. Take care and have a great day.

  21. Wow, I was reading along and TG got over his illness in like 10 seconds ;-)