Friday, June 11, 2010

June 11, 2010

Well Why Didn't You Tell Me?

Do you see this happy face?
Do you see this WET happy face?

Well, come to find out, there is
And no one told me!!

So after we had breakfast,
the tall guy said we were going for a ride.
I thought we were just going to the park like we usually do.
But no,
we drove for a little bit and then look at what we found:

It has a lot more water than Rose Canyon,
but it also has boats on it.
So, as you can see,
I had to wear my string.
But I still got to play in the water!
And isn't that what is important?

The tall guy said we were in some place
called Patty's Begonia.
But I didn't see any flowers
or even anyone named Patty for that matter!

But I did see this cool thing.
The tall guy said it is called a BRUDGE.
I didn't want to go up on it at first,
because it is SO high...

But then I decided, what the heck!
You could see everything from up there.
I may have even seen Tank!

And then, when we got to the other side of the brudge,
look at what happened...
That's right. No string! Since there weren't any peoples or boats around, the tall guy let me play in the water for a little while without my string.
Unfortunately, I got so excited, I kinda sorta ran away down the path, and the tall guy had to come running after me,
and he kinda sorta got scratched up by a tree,
so I kinda sorta had to wear my string again.
But he wasn't even mad.
He knew how excited I was.
(Boy, does he bleed a lot when he gets scratched!!)

By then, I was pretty wet and tired,
so we decided it was time to come back home.
So I told him thank you for taking me to the new lake
and I would like to come back again some time.

And you know what?
He said that I looked so happy
that we would most definitely come back some time.
And I got so excited,
I peed in the car!

PS - It's ok. I was just so happy,
I forgot to tell him I needed to go.
You won't even notice if you come visit
and we ride to the lake!

PPS - The tall guy said he was trying this new template.
I asked him if there was any food on it,
and he said it wasn't that kind of plate.
Please let him know what you think.


  1. Jack, Let me just say this. I think you've got it made in the shade, or lake..You make me smile.
    I love your new template and I may copy it. what do you think? since it's new I could just say I saw it first but I wouldn't do that to you. I change mine about once a month, it's a woman thing.

  2. You're smiling like a Jack-@$$ eating briars!!!
    Makes me smile to see you wet, dripping, and happy.
    Hugs and bellyrubs,

  3. Jack, I love the new look of your blog! And Tall Guy takes great pictures! They are really nice. BTW, I wasn't sloshed, although 3 glasses of wine might have made me a little foggy!


  4. Sounds like it was a great adventure!

  5. new lake! and no string! what a great day!
    pee in the car?! not so great... but you were excited!

  6. Great new look on the blog Jack. I like it! You are one happy doggy in those pics. If you really think you saw me, would you please let me know where I am? Thanks.

  7. I think Mum is going to fiddle with her template too.

    NO STRING NO STRING NO STRING!!! Thats something worth celebrating give or take a scratch or two...

  8. OH MY GOD...I think I see Tank too. You must haves Cracker Barrel's near you.
    That is one heck of a Brudge that Patty has.

  9. OH my stars Jack,
    Mom loves that bridge 'cuse me brudge!!! I bet you could just about see NC from up there.

    Boy did you have one fine day out in the sunshine. That is one fine looking lake you found too.You had lots of mental and physical stimulation. Victoria Stillwell says that is what all puppies need.

    WE like the template it kind of matches your fur!!

    Happy Weekend to you and TG,
    Madi and Mom

  10. The cheek of not telling you!
    OMD! It looks a pawsome place!

  11. Jack,

    Yay, no string, at least for a little while! It looks like you had a great time at the new lake too.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS Mom and me like the new template :)

  12. Woof! Woof! Iw as just in KT's blog n WOWie my campaign worked ... NO STRINGS... WALAH!!! Very Happy for you Jack. OH! Loving your new blog layout. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  13. Jack - LOVE the wet look. It works for you!
    TG - nice template. We like.

  14. I like the new template! And I'm so happy for Jack that he got to swim unleashed--that's a big step!

  15. Oh Jack,
    You still look adorable even when wet!! When a guy has it he has it right?? Good looks, charm, the whole ball of wax!!! Sounds like you had a blast in the lakes. cool!! I thought it was really when you pee-d in the car. good thing the TG didnt get mad at you!!! Now....bout that bridge thingy, dont think I would have went over it, it looked pretty scary!!! But..being the guy you are,it was NO problemo!!
    Love the template!!


  16. That bridge looks fantastic!!! Never seen anything like it.

    So glad you got to swim without your string, Jack! Looks like you had a bunch of fun. And you have such an understanding TG that he didn't get mad when you ran away OR peed in the car :)

    Love the new template!

  17. Peed in the car - wow none of us have tried that in a very long time.

  18. LOL
    Take #1 was pretty funny; however,
    Take #2 is very CLEVER and very must have slept well woke up with a fresh mind!!!
    Often after I leave a comment I think of something I wish I had said...Glad you came back.
    Maggie Mae the Boxer wanted to PIF. I mailed her
    presents today. It was fun looking for just the right thing.
    Madi and Mom

  19. TG,
    I have dumb question #299 for you.
    When you changed to this new template(I had the option to do that today) do you just click on try and everything switches over. I'm such a chicken when it comes to messing up my blog!!! It took 2 weeks to set it up the first time of course I know 298 things more than I did in 2009!!!
    Mom only...Madi wants no part of change she is a CAT.

  20. WOW!!! What an exciting day you had Jack...and you DO look very happy!!!

    We just love your new look!!
    Smileys & Snuggles!
    Dory, Jacob and Bilbo

  21. Did you really pee in the car?! I bet it was just from being excited.
    I like the new template.

  22. I like the new template. I am happy Jack had SOOOO much fun that he peed in the car! Hope the Tall Guy heals quickly.

  23. Did you pee in the car out of excitement or because you drank both lakes??? That's a lot of lakes, but just one brudge. Hey, I had to stop by to tell you to stop breaking the bones!!! How can we convince Tall Master to get you a marrow bone if you don't stop breaking the bones? Work on it, my friend.
    New look . . . pretty to indifferent. I like that it does not steal the focus from your posts, but it's not superb like your blog either. Hmmm

  24. Happiness is a wet dog! Those are pawsome pics. Beautiful water. You had that entire lake to yourself? Lucky!

  25. Aww, you do look happy! Tell TG I like his new template! (But don't tell him I don't remember what the old one looked like ;-) )

  26. you might enjoy

  27. Hi, Jack!
    Of course I can see your happy and wet face!
    You were without string and everything was going well... until you decided to run away!!!
    Sorry about TG scratches!
    I like a lot your new template!
    Kisses and hugs

  28. I'm in!! Anyway place to swim, string or no string....I'm game!! :) Don't run away though, ok Jack? Even for some bush potty! Your Tall Guy was worried about you!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose