Friday, June 18, 2010

June 18, 2010

And now,
for the most anticipated event
of the past 24 hours!!

(No, it's not who got kicked off
of Top Chef DC!)

What does 'CODING BOY' mean?

After giving much puppy eyes to the tall guy, he finally decided to tell me that 'CODING BOY' was something that he thought up one day on one of our walks during which I was not on my best behavior.


Notice how tight my string is - that means the Tall Guy
is at the end of his rope! :)


I was just checking to see if they had
developed flavored plastic yet.


What? I was just making sure
there were not sharp edges!


with an occasional 'Jack' thrown in for good measure!

The tall guy said he noticed that when we were out on our walks, he was always having to say 'Come On' or 'Drop It', or 'No', or 'Good BOY'. So, he came up with 'CODING BOY'.

I asked him if this was the kinds of things he thought about when we were out walking and he said yes.

I'm surprised we haven't been run over by a car by now.

We'll close today's blog with a little tap dancing just because we can!


  1. Jack, It's tomorrow. Or is that today? whatever I stayed up to see what code boy is so now I can sleep!
    Ode to Darla! Love it.

  2. That TG is just too khlever SOMETIMES!

    PeeEssWoo: As fur the video, my poor mom has flashbakhks of her hair in the 60's now!

  3. LOL - an awful lot of thought went into that one!


  4. Never woulda guessed it, Jack! Your TG is pretty clever. But I bet he has a lot of time to think while you sniff out the news!

    Love the Good Boy pic! You have such beautiful white teeth! Does your TG ever brush them?

  5. I think my name is Leave it, 'cuz that's all I ever hear. Maybe they shoulda called me Beaver and then they could say leave it Beaver.

    Anyway, thanks for showin' the Little Rascals clip-they are one of Mom's favs!

    Woofs and leave it slobbers,
    Chester ;0=)

  6. Wow! That kid sure can belt out a tune. And none of that shrieking that makes momma's skin crawl like they seem to all do now. As for the dancing, well, I could do that too you know.

    Curiously, those are the same words that PeeWee reports hearing on his walkies. I, Mango, mostly hear "Let's go" and "No worries."


  7. That code is too sophisticated for us. Couldn't you just shorten it to 'no!'

  8. Jack,

    That makes sense! Mom was right too, I could be Coding Girl. :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  9. Woof! Woof! That's so smart of Tall Guy. I wonder what else his thinking ??? Oh! You watch Top Chef too. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  10. JACK
    Mom and I are ROTFLOL!!! We love Coding Boy
    and the picture of TG at the end of his rope.

    Now in TG's defense, if he is thinking of odd things while walking that is ok. At least he isn't on his cell phone or texting.....IS HE? Mom says she sees lots of 2 leggers walking their 4 leggers while on the cell phone. Mom said she wonders just who is walking who when she sees that.
    Happy Weekend and JACK remember this weekend is Father's Day aka be kind to TG Day.
    Mom is cooking a beef roast (I love beef) for her Dad and my Dad...and I always get a piece or two
    Madi and Mom

  11. Jack - I could be CODING Girl! I hear those ALL DAY LONG! Are you sure you're not my brother from another mother? Your human is wicked smart!

  12. Yes Jack that was only one of MW's legs...He was a tall, lean kitty. He could open doors by standing on his back legs. He would wrap his front paws around the knob. Then turn it until it opened. My husband had to reverse the knob on the door that lead into his train room. MW loved going in there to snoop...too many itty bitty parts that a kitty could swallow.

  13. Well, I tried to stay up until midnight, but I had one too many glasses of wine w/dinner and didn't make it past 11 PM...We live near 4 wineries, so I do my part to support the local economy! ;)
    I ALWAYS wanted to take tap lessons!

    Hugs and belly rubs to handsome Jack,

  14. Jack, you didn't tell us you could also be DICONG Boy, or NGDICO, or NGCODI, or....Then some of us might have been able to guess, or maybe we would have thought you were speaking Vietnamese suddenly.

  15. very funny... I hear those same phrases over & over & over too. I even get this one for emphasis "omg would you come on!"

  16. Oh Jack you make the mommy laugh and laugh. And she needs a good laugh. She's been in the hoppy tall, whereever that is (all we know is it's not home!!!) and laughin is good there.

    Bobo and Meja

  17. Universal language...that's what I say!!

  18. My mum said I couldn't say what my code names is soooo....#$^&@*%&@%!...on her. Her says I gets in too much trubles if I do.
    Howevers, that is just da most brilliant thing I have evers heard in my entire life.
    PEES: I loves your and Khyra's way of doing da Paw It Forward....AWESOME!!!!!!

  19. Wow -- the Tall Guy does have limited thinking, doesn't he? Coding Boy? Really? You look more like Wonder Dog -- don't you think? I watched your tap dancing video....I think Beth use to babysit some of those kids -- she is REALLY old!

  20. I tend to get "Let's Go" over and over on our walks....I like to stop and read peemails.


  21. Hi, Jack!
    Now we know! I know it must be very interesting to go out with your for walkies!
    Kisses and hugs

  22. I see tall guy played around with your blog format this week too (mom changed mine too). Mom says she would have to call me Codin boy because there aren't many "good boys" when we're walking. BOL!