Wednesday, December 21, 2011

December 21, 2011

Did You Know About This?!?

We did not get to go to the snow yet, because the road is still closed, but we went somewhere that I had never even known there was in existence!!
We went to a place that had a bunch of FOOD TRUCKS!
Did you know about food trucks?
It's like a place where you can get food, but they are in a truck and they might even come to your house and give you some delicious foods if you ask them.

The tall guy got some Korean tacos, a Cuban sandwich and a pumpkin whoopie pie.

I got a carrot.  

He needs to keep that in mind when Christmas rolls around!

PS.  Yes, that is an actual picture of the TG.  He has a blurry face in real life too! :)

PPS.  Happy Hanukkah to my Aunt Sam! 


  1. I didn't know about those food trucks, but they sound really cool. Tacos and pumpkin pie. MMMM do you think they have one with fish. I like halibut.


  2. Jack - It seems you have been to the Borderlands . All the folks there are fuzzy.

  3. Jack! Our mom went to a food-truck event thingy a while back. She had Brazilian tacos. They were good, but then she saw the Japanese rice bowl things and was disappointed that she had already pigged out... dork.

    -Bart and Ruby

  4. Judging by all the fuzzy faces, we suspect there may also have been a drinks truck at that place too...(maybe whisky from Scotland?)

    Toodle pip!

  5. Food trucks are just the best! Hope you eventually got a little more than a carrot!

  6. I thought I was drunk furs a second but realized it was too early in da am.

    You gotta carrot...bwhahahahahahaha!


  7. Drunk as in why da TG was fuzzy.


  8. Well......I got a fuzzy face too and I don't drink anything but water! hehe. A carrot, what was he thinking????
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  9. Jack,

    Tell TG my mom always looks a bit fuzzy too. Thank you SO much for your wonderful package full of great gifts. Fuzzy mom FINALLY let me open it yesterday so she will be posting some pictures tomorrow.

    Your Buddy,

  10. OMD Jack food on wheels sounds like a dream come true at least for TG...he must have forgotten all he learned in kindergarten about whatever he has he must share with the class!!
    I hope the roads clear up soon!!
    Hugs from your BFFF,

  11. A carrot?!?!?! Thats just cruel, Jack! Bet those trucks smelled delish!!

  12. I did not know about food trucks! I have noticed that sometimes people hand food out of windows though. Not all windows I guess but sometime you go up to a window and they give you foods.

  13. Jack, for some reason I have a melody running through my head!
    "La Cuckaracha, La Cuckaracha...."
    For some reason those food trucks play that song, but do they know what it really means?!

    You look so cute at attention while TG eats in
    front of you!

  14. Hey, I think I saw TG at Wal-Mart yesterday!

    We don't know a thing about food trucks , but we have lots of manure trucks around here! Oh Yeah,
    A snack you can roll in, as well!!! :)
    Ho Ho Ho!!!

  15. Yum, I want some Korean tacos! Cabana adores carrots. Sure, it's not a Korean taco, but that's where ignorance is bliss!

  16. Food trucks? Awesome.... You can tell by the way you look at the TG that you are BEST friends!

  17. those trucks are so popular around here its ridiculous!!
    Benny & Lily

  18. Hey Jack,

    Mom didn't get a chance to get my post ready so look for it Friday instead of tomorrow!


  19. That adoring gaze certainly deserved more than a carrot! Maybe you'll get some good treats in the mountains, when you finally get to go up there. Merry Christmas, Jack & the TG.

    Jed & Abby

  20. Those human cameras are so weird because they get clear pictures of us canines and fuzzy face ones of the humans. At least they have their priorities right.

  21. a carrot. seriously. a carrot?
    oh jack. i'll send a car for you.
    on the other hand....
    i know you'd miss the tall guy by nightfall.
    just keep holding out for the good stuff buddy.
    i love you,
    tammy j

  22. Whoopie pie???Someone made whoopie pie? Can you even say that??

    carrots...I am surrounded by Christmas cookies...anyone want some?

  23. I did NOT know about food trucks, but I did know about fast hamburger places (if I'm very good I sometimes get a double cheeseburger - yum!)

    I don't think TG is being very fair. A carrot? The least he could have done was share his cuban taco. Oh, and tell him pumpkin is very, very good for us - lots of vitamins and minerals and good for our coats, too!

    Your pal,

  24. I thought you meant trucks made of food.

    Is TG maybe a bobble head or something that makes his face blurry? In fact, is your whole town filled with bobble heads because they all look blurry to me.


  25. Mom says to be careful around those food trucks. Just breathing the air around them packs on calories!