Sunday, July 15, 2012

July 16, 2012

I almost forgotted!!

We have had some of this lately:

and we've been having so much fun out playing in it 
that I almost made me forget to show you
Sophie and Hamish 
and their book that they won!

They had LOTS of beautiful pictures to put in it
and I'm so glad that they liked their book.

Shhh, don't tell anyone,
but I think the tall guy has
an idea for another book,
but he will definitely need YOUR help.
More to come!


  1. WE can't wait to see what the tall guy has in mind. And enjoy those cloudy days, we just had a few too and it was so refreshing. Almost 15 degrees cooler to. It was heaven.

  2. Hamish & Sophie really love their book, it sits proudly on our entertainment center.
    Also they say thanks for posting our photos for all your friends to see,

  3. Oh, Jack - I'm so glad you finally got some nice, refreshing rain to help you cool off!

    Hamish & Sophie's book really looks beautiful - you and the tall guy certainly did a very nice job with it, and the contest was so much fun :-)

    Your friend,

  4. Ooooooh da Tall Guy has beeter ideas than my mum...hehehehe. Wonders what is churnin' in his brain.


  5. Another book? Oh boy! This is exciting!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  6. you two guys are so cool.
    send some of that rain my way.
    please!!!! desperate here.
    love and hugs,
    tammy j

  7. Jack you are a very brave young pup to go out and play in that wet stuff that comes from the sky. I stay in at all costs when that happens, esp when it goes BOOMERS!

    Mom says Sophie and Hamish are so cute reading their book! She also bets llama dog can't read- whatever that means. BOL

    1. Your Mom could read up and see that the animals are alpacas, not llamas, and there is a difference between the two....

  8. Happy Happy Monday to you my handsome Dude!!
    Your certainly do have a purrfect Dog Show pose in your first picture!!

    OMDs a new project!! Whoopee you know you can count on us to help. Just let us know
    Hugs Madi your BFFF

  9. Woooos, what a gorgeous book! It must be their favorite bed-time story! Great rain shot, there, we had a big storm, but it was at night. we had to wake up mom so she could run around & close all the windows! Just doing our job...

    jack & moo

  10. I hope the rains cool down your temps a little, Jack!
    Sophie and Hamish are great looking friends of yours.

  11. Please send that rain to my estate immediately.


  12. Can't wait to see what the tall guy has in mind this time Jack. Sophie and Hamish look so cute reading their book.

  13. Wroooo wrooooo,
    remember us? We're still on the road, like Gypsy! We've been having a great time, but Dad says it's time to start home! POOH!!!
    We met another yellow labbie named Jack, in OR...and his JackMommy!
    from Santa Barbara, CA