Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 23, 2012

Eating my Cheery-Os!

The tall guy eats a bowlful of Cheery-Os almost every morning, so he always gives me about 10 Cheery-Os to eat, primarily so I won't be asking for some of his.

He found the easiest way to do it is to throw them on the couch so that I have to try to find them.  He calls this his "Dear God Jack, give me TWO seconds to eat in peace" trick!  He's got it down pretty well as it takes me about 2 seconds before I find them all and then I can stare at him until he gives me some of his out of his bowl.

I think eating out of the couch is a whole lot better than eating out of a bowl, don't you?  Although I don't know where you would pour the milk!


  1. The good thing 'boutz eatin'out of the couch - u just mite find sum other tasty morsel the Tall Guy forgotz 'boutz.
    Shiloh'n Shasta

  2. Amazing! It's like your dad is teaching you the way of the ancient wolves... scavenging... on the couch.... Cool!

    Huggies and Cheese,


  3. my goodness Jack!..hope you found them all!

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  5. Hmmm, a couch bowl, yes I think I likes that.
    Hope you are enjoying the summer, swimming in yer water bowl (you know how you are).
    Barks, snoofles and Roooooooooooooo from yer pal Easton

  6. I think it looks like a lot of work. Maybe you need to practice your starving dog look a wee bit more so that you can get your own bowl.


  7. I thought thats where we were always suppose to eat our cheerios!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  8. Morning Jack
    Have you noticed the Cheery-os are the same color as the couch?
    TG thinks that will make your search take longer. Good for you fooling him. I enjoy resting my chin on Mom's left wrist while she eats her Cheery-os. I also like to watch the milk drop off the spoon. Yep I sit on the table with mom while she tries eats and plays words with friends.
    Hugs Madi your BFFF

  9. Oh yes yes yes, especially if you can get a piece of the couch with the cereal too!

  10. i'm speechless.
    no i'm not.
    i'm laughing!!!!
    love and giant bear hugs jack,
    tammy j

  11. Hhhmmmm....I prefer mine in a bowl with yogurt on top....maybe the Tall Guy should give that a try....

  12. Couch diving can be an olympic sport!

  13. HAHAHAHA Jack...I had to pick 'em up off the kitchen floor this morning!!


  14. Dear Jack,

    I used to have to throw the Cheery-O's (and also pop corn) across the room so my golden retriever would have to take extra time to find them (especially when they would end up under a piece of furniture). Sometimes this would actually give me a whole 5 minutes of eating mine in peace!

    So, even though the couch is still a bit of a challenge, I think it's a pretty good deal that the tall guy is considerate enough to put them there for you! BOL

    Happy hunting!

    Your friend,

  15. it doesn't seem you're eating.,it seems you're try to look for comfortable place for

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  16. We has never had Cherry-Os, our mom has been holdin' out on us. :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  17. I guess I am a lucky dog Jack. I have little humans that eat on the couch sometimes so I go and sit next to them and give them the pitfull eyes. they usually give me something, or they just drop it!! Apparently it is my job to do floor clean-ups. I love my job!!

  18. Wooooooo, your tall guy is just like our dad! He gives us cherrios every morning too! Of course, Moo will only eat them if they are Honey Nut cherrios. She's soooo spoiled!

    ~jack a-roo