Thursday, February 14, 2013

February 15, 2013

It's About Time!

(me looking all sad and lonely)

Someone FINALLY came back home.  I did not even know that he was going anywhere, until the nice lady came by to take me for a walk.  Then it dawned on me.

He said he had been to see Aunt Lanta.  I didn't even know he had no Aunt Lanta.  Actually, it sounds like something that he just made up.  He could have just as easily said he went to Bubble-lubble-town.

AND he did not even bring me no Valentime's present.  I also do not know what is Valentime's, but from what I see on the TV commercials, I should have gotten diamonds, flowers and a big dinner out of it.  

I did make him give me a cookie when he got home, because I'm pretty sure I was shortchanged during the 3 days he was gone.  

He said he had to sit on the plane at the gate for an hour before he got to come home.  He was not happy.  I asked him if someone locked the gate so he couldn't get out.  He said finally the plane got to go to the runaway.  I told him that if I was locked on a plane for an hour and not going anywhere, I would have runaway too!

But he is back now AND he took me on an extra walk today at lunch.  He must be feeling guilty.  I'm pretty sure I can get some extra cookies out of this somehow! 


  1. Jack, we're sure you have some extra cookies coming. Aunt Lanta. As if...

    -Bart, Ruby and Otto

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  3. What??? No Valentime's present?????

    Well, just remember, Jack - St. Valentine was eventually imprisoned, beaten, stoned, and beheaded. But Hallmark doesn't tell you that!! So maybe you were better off without a present after all......

    Hope the tall guy had a great trip, and glad he got back safely so he can shower you with extra acts of kindness (and cookies) to make up for leaving you!!

    Happy Valentine's Day to you and the tall guy :-)

    Your friend,

  4. We are sure he is feeling guilty Jack. Play it up a bit using those handsome sad eyes!
    Tail wags
    Ernie and all us furkids

  5. There ya go Jack. You got the best Valentimes day gift of all.

  6. We're sorry Jack that you didn't get a Valentine, so we're sending you lot's of Doxie love instead. We hope it helps!

    Keep pouting. I'm sure it will work.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  7. I hate it when they do this stuff to us. yep, milk it for all the walks and treats you can snag!!

    Jazzi and Addi

  8. Jack, I am glad he is back home and sorry you got ripped off for Valentines Day. I hope I will see you at the circus tomorrow. Stop by for foodables.

    Loveys Sasha

  9. Happy Valentine's Day Jack..glad that TG came back to rescue you!

  10. Poor Jack, my sympathies. I remember when we lived in Cali with the fires, My Lady was gone for days....well, maybe a day. Don't blame tall guy, Mother Nature can be cruel. He is home.
    Will you be my Valentine??

  11. Hey Jack, I would work on getting some extra cookies if I was you. You know how to do it right?? Just keep giving that look you are giving in your photo and TG will start to feel really guilty and give you more cookies. You never know...Aunt Lanta may have even baked some cookies for TG to give to you!!
    Your buddy in Oz.

  12. Make sure you let him know how heart broken you were to be left behind. Really work that guilt!


  13. Aunt Lanta....jack that nearly made mom spit (so unlady like) her sweet iced tea.

    too funny.....Please tell TG that today we have the tune he composed for my Circus tent
    featured on our blog. The Contortionist event is scheduled to air in the wee hours of Saturday morning over on the Blogville Fun Blog.
    Hugs Madi your bfff and thanks again TG...Puddles said something about doing a belly dance. OMDs can you visualized a DOXIE DOING A BELLY DANCE?

  14. You definitely need your Valentine's pay off!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley
    Online Doods

  15. jack
    trust me.
    you don't wanna ride in no aero plane.
    they put guys like you in a cold noisy place with luggage. YUK.
    better to stay on the couch good buddy.
    here's to more guilt ridden walks and cookies!!!!
    tammy j

  16. Hi Jack - If you don't watch out the TG will soon be off visiting Aunt Lanta's friend Minnie Sota .

  17. Oh Jack, left behind again. Well, you'll be spoiled (as you should be!) now that he's back. Extra cookies for sure and some extra adventure walks too!

  18. Dear Jack and TG,

    My Lab Bailey Nd I read your book, we both loved it!! Will you write another?

    -Bailey and Her Best Friend