Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February 6, 2013

Let's play the 1:45AM game!

It's really very easy to play.

Next time you're in bed with your peoples,
(you DO sleep with your peoples don't you?)
look at the clock
and when it says 1 and 4 and 5,
start running really hard 
like you're having a dream that you're
running really hard.

Doesn't that sound like fun?
The tall guy and I played it last night.
Needless to say,
I had to go sleep on the couch after that.

Let me know how it goes
when you try it!!     


  1. BOL!
    Sometimes i play a similar game: the 3.30 am game!
    It's lot's of fun too! =)
    Mom doesn't have the same opinion...


  2. That is too funny. My Vickie says that I have never done anything like that but she can just imagine in her mind you doing it and keeping everyone awake all night.

    Bert & My Vickie

  3. Dear Jack,

    I bet you were dreaming that you were dragging the tall guy across the ice again! LOL

    (Just the thought of it probably gave him nightmares for the rest of the night and he wouldn't have been able to sleep anyway after that, so he should have just let you stay in the bed....at least ONE of you would have gotten a good night's sleep!)

    Your friend,

  4. oh dear Jack..sounds like your sleep cycles are out of wack..hope you slept better on the couch! Tucker sleeps under our bed, on his Dad's side.lord knows why but that's where he sleeps..
    now if only the kitty would sleep through the night!

  5. I have my own, I wait until 3 1 5 and then I wake up and run around the house howling. They seem to love it, they all get up and talk to me real loud.

    Loveys Sasha

  6. Hardy ha ha! I did it last night, FUN!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  7. Well Jack that is just wrong...you had to go to the couch!? !
    House rules here are:
    Whomever is awake has to move....NOT....I repeat.....NOT the one who is dreaming vividly.
    Hugs madi your BFFF

  8. Next time send him to the couch if he is a pawrty pooper and doesn't want to play. Another good game is getting up, sitting on their chest (they can't breathe) at 4:45am, and stare
    Benny & Lily

  9. I don't do that BUTT Stanley is a whole freak show in his dreams!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley
    Online Doods

  10. That's a great game - Blueberry also likes to let out little yips as well to add to the effect!

    I am sorry you had to sleep on the couch. I think the human should have to do that cause you were just sleeping minding your own business and chasing dream bunnies.

  11. good grief i say jack.
    tell that tall guy at least you weren't dreaming you were peeing!
    love you golden boy,
    tammy j

  12. After last night, I don't think I'll be playing that game anytime soon. See, I had a case of the "earthquakes." Actually it was a bad tummy ache and I couldn't stay still, so everytime I moved, I heard, "earthquake!" My Lady is the one that chose to sleep on the couch.

  13. Interesting variation on one of Jed's favorite games, which is more of a 3-4-5 time frame. Be sure mama is in a DEEP sleep and wake her up so Jed can have a leisurely stroll around the backyard, barking at the nightlife. This game is a big hit with the neighbors, too. Of course it only works if Jed can convince mama there is a genuine potty or medical emergency, but he always wins. On the rare occasions mama has doubted him, there have been GRAVE consequences. So now she hops to when he calls. She's pretty well trained. Sleep deprived, but well trained.

  14. Oh yeah we will join Guys, it sounds fun specially when we play together with our friends and family! Lets do it come on! ^_^

    Pet Supplies

  15. Our Brook's variation on that is to stand beside the bed and whine and whine, "I gotta pee. I gotta pee!!" at least once a night, usually twice. (It's like having a newborn, except that there are diaper changes.) Deaf Azule's variation is to run to the window and bark at things she sees in the dark.

  16. I play this with snoring and growling at about 3 am! It a bit annoying to have to leave the room though.
    ~Lickies, Ludo

  17. Mine prefer the snore right in the ear thing

    Stop on by for a visit

  18. Might have to give it a try.we already get them going at 430AM. Then we let them know we are Hungry and it is time to eat...Bol
    Ernie for the rest of the furkids pack


  19. Hi Jack and Jack-Daddy,
    Some real sad news from our Newfie blog-buddy Remington.
    Please ask your friends to visit and share their love w him and
    his folks at http://our-remington.blogspot.com.

    Four paw salute,

  20. Gosh, Jack, I have to sleep on the couch every night. I'll have to convince momma to join me there. Does that mean I will be forced to sleep in the bed if I play run in your sleep? Sweet.


  21. Good game. I'm going to give it a whirl tonight. Thanks Jack!