Saturday, February 21, 2009

February 21, 2009

Jack Meets (and eats!) his Father
I got to meet my father yesterday. Boy, is he handsome! I can see where I get my good looks! :)

I think he is in the Navy, cause his name is Admiral. He must have been out to sea last August, so that explains why he wasn't there when I was born. Or maybe he's like Ricky Ricardo.

Anyway, he lives with his actual Mom (I got to meet her too - she's my grandmother!) and a really nice tall lady named Karen. Karen let me play with all of her puppies and run around in her big yard. They get to watch TV all the time. The tall guy won't let me watch tv, unless it's Top Chef or The Amazing Race. I don't know what an amazing race is, but I bet I would be really good at it!

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