Saturday, February 28, 2009

February 28, 2009

People often ask me...

People often ask me what do I do for fun late at night when the tall guy goes to bed. Well, here's my secret: I don't let him go to bed. We can often be found up at 3 or 4AM having the BESTEST of times. I find that if I jump on the pillow where the tall guy is trying to sleep and let him know that I want to play*, he's always happy to oblige! Of course, I'm a bit sleepy the next day, but a quick nap a few hours after breakfast and morning playtime and I'm ready and raring to go again!

The tall guy is getting sneaky and taking me to the place where I can play with a bunch of other puppies thinking he will tire me out, but I've caught onto him. I just take a quick nap in the car on the way home and then when we get home, I'm ready to go for another 6 or 7 hours of NON-STOP fun!

*Note to all you other puppies reading this: I find that I sneak up on the bed and give a really loud bark, it makes my tall guy wake up a whole lot faster. My tall guy really seems to enjoy when I do that!

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