Saturday, February 26, 2011

February 26, 2011

I'm So Excited.

Are you ready to see a preview of my book?

Here you go:
Yes, my very own bar cold!!

Isn't that a hoot and a half?
Oh, what's that?
You want to see an actual something?
Well, that's the actual bar cold.
Oh, you mean you want to see something
that is more book-y.

How about the cover?

Here you go:

Yep, that's me.
Right on the cover.
If you click on it, it should make it big
enough so that you can read it!

The little picture is the back cover.
I don't know why they do it backwards like that
but they do.

So now you can see the title of the book:
Jack - A book about a dog where the dog doesn't
die at the end

I think that's a pretty cool title.
Anytime I don't die at the end is a good thing!
I'll write more about the book next time.
(We're still waiting for the postmans to bring
the hard copies of the book.
There may even be a CONTEST!)


  1. Jack!! You're gonna be famous!! Can we still be furiends after you're famous?? Please???

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  2. Love the title! It kinda made me giggle actually. Hehe. Yeah, sad endings can really make me sob uncontrollably like a wittle baby. Good to know no one dies in the book. BTW, those zombie story books are soooo yesterday but I wouldn't mind reading a story about a zombie puppy...

  3. ...and in this khase, woo khan judge a book by its khover!

    PeeEssWoo: We are glad woo reminded The TG is was FebWOOary ;-)

  4. Congratulation to both of you. We look forward to reading your book. We would be proud to display a click-thru on our blog for your book so all our bloggy friends can revel in what could only be described as "a straight shot of Happy Jack".

  5. Jack,

    OoH My Doggies!!! Mom and me is SO excited and we can't waits to get your book!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  6. Looks wonderful and am getting excited to read more!

  7. So awesome! got tears in my eyes bc so thrilled that its a happy book.
    You see, before Penny passed I didnt even know about dog blogs. Reading them has given me much comfort that you guys are just as crazy about your dogs as I was! So yes, I would love to read a wonderful story about a handsome dog! TG, you have such a great writing style, I predict great reviews and a series to follow!! Good luck and thanks for making me smile!

  8. Jack,
    Mom and I are so excited. I'm waggin my tail and Mom is wiggling in the chair...MOL.
    You have your onw ISBN # too.

    What a beautiful cover and we love the words on the back!!! We are holding our breath waiting for the books to don't make us wait too long. Mom does not look good in blue...Hugs
    Madi and Mom

  9. Jack, does ISBN mean that you "is been" good? I think you and the TG are definitely good! Can't wait to read it!

  10. Woof! Woof! Golden Congrats! WOWie!!! Can't wait ... Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  11. This is sooooooooo exciting Jack!

    And this will prolly be the very furst dog book that my momma can read, cuz her DON'T read dog books where they die at da end....and her don't watch movies where da dog dies.......and her never could even watch Lassie cuz her was afraid Lassie would die (the show just made you think her was gonna meet her maker, but saved herself at da end) .........well you get the general idea here.

  12. Wow!!!!!!!!!! I can say I knew you "when!" Will you be going on tour to promote your book?? Come to OP and stay with me Jack! We'll drop the TG off at a hotel and then go have some fun!

  13. Very cool bar COLD!

    This is so exciting!!! And to think, we knew you when you were just a young pup, still peeing in the house!!!
    A contest!?!? Pick me, pick me!!!!

  14. Hey Jack we did not ever noes you gots a beauty mark on yer nose dere. Yer kinda like Cindy Crawford cept yer a boy ... and a dog!

    Dat dere is one good title dere.

    Bobo and Meja

  15. Oooo I'm so excited!! Jack you are so adorable I can't wait for your book!

  16. Are you going to have a premeire book release party?? Oh this is so exciting!!


  17. Congrats, my friend! You are famous. The Tall Guy must love you an awful lot to have done all of this just for you. Bravo! I can't wait to add one to my library.

  18. Love the cover Jack!! and yes, the title is perfect, I mean~~Who really wants to die at the end??? BOL


  19. Looking forward to reading this.

  20. Jack!
    Super duper awesome!
    I want to see more of the book!
    Kisses and hugs

  21. Congrats on your book. More power.

  22. How exciting! It already sounds much better than that book about the other yellow labrador.
    ~lickies, Ludo

  23. Your own bar cold? Wow? We have been stuck with those little stickers off of bananas before (our hu-dad has that weird sense of humor), but no bar colds.

  24. We can't wait, Jack! ...and we agree - anytime the dog doesn't die at the end is a good thing!


  25. We LOVE the title, it's perfect :) Good job guys!

  26. What a great title! Mama is with Minna Kreb's mom; we don't read books or watch movies where an animal dies in the end. Mama NEVER got over the murder of Bambi's mother or the sacrifice of Ol'Yeller, and she saw those movies a million years ago when they FIRST came out. AND there's going to be a copy of your book in the Library of Congress! They get a copy of every book published in the U.S. [Don't know if they keep them all anymore, but by law they get a copy.]

    We're just SO excited!

    Jed & Abby

  27. I love the name of this book, and the whole background page. This is great!

  28. Thta's not a bar. Our sissiy has a bar in her basement rec room and it don't look nothing like that. That's just a bunch of numbers.
    OBTW; did ya know ya got a black spot on the top of your right booger shooter?