Thursday, February 3, 2011

February 3, 2011

Would You Please Be Quiet?

We have like 40 bazillion birds that live out in the bush in front of our house. And boy are they noisy. Here's one of them:

If you know how to talk bird, would you please tell them to hush? I'm sun-bathing!

Oh, the tall guy wanted me to ask you if any of you used an e-reader and, if so, which one do you use. I asked him if he meant an e-raser, but he said no, he means things like an iPad or a Kindle. Evidently he can fix my book to where you can read it without having a book!

He said he is also looking into making a hard copy of my book for people who don't have an e-reader. He's looking at a place called DiggyPod and wanted me to ask if anyone had used that company (or any company that makes books).

Oh, and he said to say thank you to everyone who told him about all the words. He said he would use as many of them as he could.

I told him he had too many questions and it was making my head hurt.

Oh, by the way, you should see the cover of my book. It is the most beautiful cover I have ever seen!


  1. We have the Kindle. But we will seek out your book in whatever form it comes in!!
    E-readers are great, but it is still fun to buy real books too!


  2. Jack - Somehow I always imgained you'd say 'boids' rather than birds.

  3. I have an IPad with Kindle and E-Books apps.
    Can't wait to see the cover and read the book.

  4. Jack
    You need some bird catchers!! I mean they have em fur every other kind of animal ya know??
    Cant wait to see the book with the cool cover!!


  5. Our Mommy said she has a Nook. We asked if she meant that happy place she goes to when we are being 'not good, very very not good' and she said 'no it's what she uses to read books.'

    Sometimes the big people are wierd.

    Bobo and Meja

  6. None of that e-reader crap here. Momma says that the tactile part of reading is part of the experience. E-reading gives her the mentals.


  7. No time fur e-reading here -

    As fur the khover, how evFUR did I get on it?

    I'm SO honoured!


  8. The hu-dad had a Kindle and liked it a lot, but then got an iPad and loves that. But since the iPad comes with aps that can read the other forms like Kindle, any source works for him.

  9. Mom has a nook and her really likes it :) No worries Jack, hard cover OR e-book, mom and me will buys it!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  10. Woof! Woof! Lucky you ... SUNSHINE ... send some here. BOOK??? My mom is old school, she likes an actual book but she loves anything MAC. There's lots o of self publishing company that we looked at recently. Mom likes Lulu. On our upcoming Monday, 2/7 post you'll read the about the other company that we like. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  11. Hi Jack,
    Thank TG for being so considerate as to ask all of us our preference for reading your book
    Mom does not have an e-reader so she would be very very interested in being able to hold your book in her lap to read it...I just want to look at the pictures....and she says money is no object...heck maybe it is time to hit her up for a gazillion cans of Fancy Feast. MOL

    And last but not least Dear friend...if those birds get too annoying ask TG to get you a cat-sister!!! Oh I can here him now...he is saying that will never happen.
    Hugs Madi

  12. PS will it be possible to get your paw-agraph in your book? Do you and TG plan a world tour?
    If so will you come to Raleigh?
    Oh and how is your head feeling?

  13. Hi Jack, we have been following for a long long time but Mom has so many blogs that we hardly ever comment. Mom loves the idea of your turning a blog/ life into a book and she would love a hardcover. But she does read with apple books on her ipod. Hope that helps

  14. Have a friend that used Outskirts Press for his self publishing. Had very good luck with them at a reasonable price.

    I'm old school too, though I've heard wonderful things about Kindle.

  15. We are having that conversation right now about which to get. Everyone we talk to that has either says that whatever they have is the BEST! Sounds like your book is coming along nicely! Can't wait!

  16. Hi Jack - Shiloh'n Shasta here. Our mom can't really afford any kind of an e-reader rite now. B-sidez she preferz the real thin' - a hardbak book that she can hold.

    Those birdz r rather rude ain't they? Git a cat - that way, when it takez care of the birdz then u can play with it. (he he)

  17. Hi, Jack!
    Birds are noisy, right?
    We don't have one of those "reader" things.
    I guess my mom prefers a "real" book!
    Kisses and hugs

  18. Blogger ate my first comment...I hate that!

    I like good old fashioned books, cause I'm old.

    I have a special place reserved on the shelf for Jack's book.
    Are we going to get sneak peek of the book cover photo, puh-leeze!

  19. Kindle, and Kindle Ap for iPhone. Actually, I use that most offten -- for books. for blogs must use a computer. You lok very handsome and grown up in your picture.

  20. Real generation gap in the responses. Being in the OLD camp, mama definitely prefers actual books one can enjoy holding, smelling, reading, shelving, and lending to friends. She does not have any kind of e reader and does not plan to get one. In fairness, our aunt, who is also OLD, does have a Kindle which she likes. Sounds like you've about finished writing! We're eager to get our paws on an actual book.

    Jed & Abby

  21. Hi Jack, no we don't have any of those fancy gizzmos either so a book that we can hold in our hands is good. Can't wait to see that cover. It will be beautiful if it has a picture of your face on it.

    Chrissie and Ben

  22. You have a book?? Where have I been?? Our Mom likes books.. she does not have an e-reader. She is so silly!

    I can't wait for the book!!!Is it a mystery?? Science Fiction? Romance???

    Licks from Olive

  23. We wish we had a reader, but we don't. My mom once used You can use software to make your book, and then they print them as people order them?

  24. Jack, I can't wait to see your book and read it...I hope it has a photo of you on the cover as you are gorgeous!

  25. Love my Kindle, and my husband loves his IPAD with the Kindle app. We love that fact that we can buy the book once and both be reading it at the same time! :)

  26. Some Birds are just way to Noisy, especially if they get up super early. We can't wait to see your book!

  27. Hi Jack...while I do loves me some technology, the teacher in me can't resist the smell of a book. You understand smells, don't ya? Anyway, something about paper and ink and the feel of a book. Love it. Besides, I can only take technology in small steps, budget wise. And BTW, tell Tall Guy that "chook" is Aussie for chicken. Now you have another word! But, you also have another bird, kind of.


  28. Wait, your book is ready to go already?? I am also writing a book. For the past year. Only I haven't actually started yet...

    We have a Kindle here, but I prefer a real live paper book.

  29. Mom prefers real paper - something about how she stares at a computer all day and needs a break. Could you post any info you find though? It might be helpful to know!


  30. We's exciting Jack!!

    No, we don't have e-reader :(

    We's old fashioned..
    We's get our nerdiness from Mommy.. hers likes books.. even 'da smell of 'dems

    IzZY, Josie, TriXie and Anakin Man

  31. Our Mommy has a Sony eReader that she loves. It is the second generation with the touch screen, but doesn't have the aircard/WiFi inside of it like the 3rd generation. She loves it even though she has to download the books through her lap top. She is all about touch screen...all her friends have Kindles.
    But as soon as iPad comes out with it's second generation--she will be in line for it.
    We prefer her to get real books so that we can chew the corners. They are delicious. We are proud that we have chewed every single book she reads.

  32. Chirp chirp! Good luck with the birdies Jack :)
    We have one with a nest in our backyard. I am so curious whenever I notice it fliting around in the tree.
    No idea on the E things and I things...

    Sweet hugs,
    Sierra Rose