Monday, January 31, 2011

January 31, 2011

Now let's see you go without me!

I have decided that if I lay down in front of the garage door, the tall guy can't leave home without me. But sometimes I fall asleep and he goes out the back door, crawls over the fence, leaps the moat and sneaks out that way.

Maybe I should just buy one of those tracking collars and put on him!

(And just so you won't worry - I don't really get to sleep in front of the garage door. I just like to go out there when the tall guy is getting the mail or working in the front yard. He said there is no way he would ever leave me out there by myself, because I might get interested in a smell 16 miles away and try to go see what it is!)

On another note (E flat perhaps?), I would like to know how many words do you like to read in a book. If you will let me know how many words you like to read, I'll make sure that he doesn't put in too many! And if you have a favorite word, let him know that too. Unless it's a dirty word - we can't put any dirty words in the book. Except 'poop'. We're using 'poop' a lot!


  1. hmm, I dont know how many words. but a lovely word is breeze. I was thinking about how my golden Penny loved when a soft breeze would come thru the yard, and she would lift her nose up to catch all the smells coming her way on it. Dogs love breezes!! Sounds like the book is coming along!

  2. My favorite word(s) this week...........................


    How many words?? Just write till you're done. Duh.

  3. We like the words walk, cookie and ready for bed. We guess that's three words... Breeze is a good word. So is cuddle, kiss, climb. Jerky is a good word. Jury Duty is a bad word. We could go on and on and on. There are three of us, you know. Have a good week, Jack!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  4. Shiloh'n Shasta here-
    Well az u no, there r just 2 of us here BUTT we du haf a few IMPAWTENT werdz like WOWZERZ an'dinner an'breakfast an'outside an'treat or cookie or biskit - the other werdz mentioned r good onez tu. How ever many werdz it takez tu tell the story iz how many werz it iz.

  5. Hummm...depends on the book really. 70,000 to 120,000. Of course if it's a picture book...can be much less since "A picture is worth a thousand words!"

  6. Hi, Jack!
    Good plan... sorry it does not work all the times!
    Hmmm... how many words?? I really don't know... Write as many as you think are needed... and we all are going to love it!
    Happy Monday!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. If the book is about you Jack, it can have a lot of words. Pictures would be good too :)

    As a dog, I have a limited vocabulary, but a few of my favorite words are, 'breakfast', 'dinner' and 'cookie'! 'Leash' and 'Car' are real good words too.


  8. Words? Huh? I thought books just had pictures.


  9. Depends how interesting the book! Personally, the more words the better, makes for bigger books, more to chew on!

  10. Morning Handsome how are you today?
    Good to know TG is wise to your ways and doesn't allow you out sans string.

    My favorite word in a book is J A C K; however if TG is looking for some likes to use lo and behold a lot!!! MOL as if you didn't already know that!!!

    Mom (FYI is crazy) just counted the number of words on one page in the book she is reading.
    There are 288 words on one page. Her ideal book has 400 pages which equals 115,200 words.
    Happy Monday,
    Madi and Mom

  11. Hey Jack,
    Only Sophie and Patti get to go out front cuz they don't like ploring. The rest of us are restricted to the back paddock. Whenerevr on of the rest of us goes out front it's called an escape, whatever that is. Jubal goes west to the lake, Homer goes east for about 30-45 minutes. The rest all scatter to the wind. Dad doesn't seem to like escape time.
    - TBH&K

  12. Outside is Rowdy's favorite word. I love to read so if the book is full of action, romance and drama then the more words there are the better.
    P.S. If you have romance in your book please don't go into any details.

  13. We really like your plan Jack. Anytime the hooman trips over you its hard to leave you behind.

    Word...hmmmm KT's is "bifurcated"
    Lady's word is "Go"

    How many words....this is a very good question, could be a million, could be 10,000 - depends whether they are used for wheat or chaff. Obviously wheat is preferred.

  14. words....reminds me of my favorite childhood book, The Funny Mixed-Up Story, in 1959. about a boy listening to a group of bears in the woods. It came with a separate list of words for me to "fill-in" the blanks and make the story funny while my mom read it to me. I guess that's pre-madlibs era! Would be fun with a dog story too! Don't you think, Jack? But back to words Dogs like, I think "cookie" is probably at the top of list. Ooops did Jack hear that? Sorry TG!

  15. Jack,

    I Ooh I agrees wif Wyatt, more words 'bouts you is da best! Outside, ride, cookies, peanut budders and dinner are some of my favorite words. :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  16. Me again,

    Tank yous fur helpin' me to celebrate my birfday yesterday, you is a good furiend to comes all da way from Airy-Zona. :)

  17. The best word to use is VERY. As in "Jack is a very,very,very good dog" that way the writing goes quickly and the book is much longer. Although, my fifth grade teacher told me it's not very interesting.

  18. We like LOTS of words! Makes the story last longer! Can't wait until the Tall Guy has finished....

  19. hey Jack ole buddy!! NIce to see you again!! Now, thats the right way to keep the TG in check!! Keep up the good work!!


  20. Are there invisible, black snakes in the moat? :) And am I the only to notice that you are outside, naked as a jaybird?

    My favorite, and my first spoken word: PUPPY!

  21. Walk, ride, and dog park are all good words too.

  22. I think you were dreaming, Jack--maybe even having a nightmare. In real life, the TG wouldn't want to go anywhere without you!

  23. Woof! Woof! Oh! Jack ... I know TG will never leave you. Mmmm Book did I missed something anyway I got lots of favorite words ... Golden Woofs, Tasty Treats, Golden LOVE, n of course SUGAR. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  24. So cute story...that was a very interesting post...I was so entertained...Nice picture too...Love sleeping...^_^

    dog pens

  25. Get the TG one of those ankle lo-jacks like the courts put on people awaiting trial that might flee the jurisdiction. That way the cops can help you find him if he goes astray. [Same monitoring frequency]

    That "Marley & Me" book has 289 pages, not counting the forward and afterward and acknowledgments and stuff. It made like 87 bazillion dollars AND was made into a Major motion picture. And, of course, your book is going to have a MUCH happier ending. Anyway, that might be a good ballpark for your biography. Is this going to be a True Confessions book? We can't wait!

    Jed & Abby

  26. hee hees... A moat!! Too funny's!!
    Josie likes word poop.. can't go wrong wits 'dat!


  27. Our least favorite four letter word is "bath" - hope that is not too offensive.