Friday, January 21, 2011

January 21, 2011

I'll just be over here
out of the way
for a while

It seems that someone went to the Costcos and bought some new towels to replace the ones that had somehow developed chew holes in them.

And then someone left them on the counter while he went to finish unloading the car.

And then SOMEHOW one of the new towels just happened to end up on the floor.

So I just HAPPENED to be LOOKING at it when SOMEONE came back in the house and pitched a hissy fit.

So, I'm just gonna go sit over here by myself for a while.

(Oh, and the tall guy said to tell you he's almost finished with the first chapter of my book. It's all about the first day I came to live with him. So, if he does one chapter for every day - James Michener eat your heart out!)


  1. Dear Jack, I happen to know that it's NEVER the dog that did it. It's ALWAYS the butler. So don't worry, everything's going to be okay. Have a lovely weekend :)

  2. GREAT about the book. NOT SO GREAT about the towel but I bet it was all fluffy and nice while it lasted.

  3. Awww..Jack
    You look sad just laying there all by yourselfs!! You cant help it that that ole towel just hopped right to the floor!! just cant trust those ole towels anyways!!


  4. Shiloh here - poooooooooooor Jack - u look sad. Butt u got that look down real good - I uze it all the time on mom when she thinkz I swiped sumthin'off the counter; shood b werth at least 87 treatz. An'it tellz the Tall
    Guy that u r really sorry fer the towel b-havin'so badly.

  5. What do you mean, Michener? Sounds like the TG is going to give Tolstoy a run for his money. Mazel tov on the first chapter; we bet that's the hardest one.

    We're sorry TG carelessly threw the new towels in a way that led to their inevitable tumbling to the ground while you were out of the room. What kind of labraguard would you be if you hadn't gone in to investigate the strange noise?

    Jed & Abby

  6. Somehow, someone. There'll soon be a Jack special on Boston Legal.

  7. oh dear. Just for looking at it? I think you should get a lawyer.
    ~lickies, Ludo

  8. Maybe his next book khan be all about the sekhret life of towels...


  9. MOL need to remind TG the floor is your domain. Anything on the floor is yours!!!

    Great news on the first Chapter of the Wonderful Book on Jack!!!! Thanks for the update!!! And tell TG to get cracking on Chapter 2!!!

    Happy Weekend,
    Madi and Mom

  10. Oh Jack...those towels!! (Doesn't Tall Guy know how much more special they are with doggie holes in them?!)

  11. Please reserve a copy of said book for me when it's published. Of course, I'll expect a signed autographed copy with your paw.

  12. Jack-
    That's going to be some book...not sure our kindle will have enough space for it!! :)
    Will it have pictures of your cute self?
    How's the screenplay coming along? You might have to tighten up the story or it will be a 10 hour movie (maybe a mini-series!)That might be good!


  13. I bet that towel just wasnt placed securely on the counter and fell off on its own. How could you be to blame? Look at that face! :)

  14. Jack, you either need to get a brother or sister...better yet get a cat! Everything gets blamed on the cat! Good luck!

    Miley and Maggie

  15. Naughty Jack. I would have pitched a fit too. And then wrote about it, telling the world what a naughty boy you are.
    But you beat me to it.

  16. Nice to hear you are helping the Tall Guy....Congrats to the Tall Guy on the first chapter! Can't wait to read it!

  17. Puhleeze excuse my language when I say:

    #*%!@#! towels!!!! They like to cause trouble at my house too, along with socks and miscellaneous paper products. Hopefully the corner will behave while you're spendin' time in it.

    The Tall Guy should be in a good mood though since he is well on his way to a best seller.

    Woofs and sellable slobbers,
    Chester ;0=)

  18. Oh-Oh!
    Hmmm.... I guess it will be better if you keep a low profile for a while...
    Congratulations on the first chapter!
    Kisses and hugs

  19. Well he has to wash the new towels before he uses them anyway. Sheesh. Humans are so prissy with their stuff. Hang in there, Jack.

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  20. So TG teases you with towels that fall *all by themselves*... and then blames YOU? Shameful.

  21. Oh jack, it'll be just need to apologize and give him those sad puppy dog eyes; it works everytime!

  22. 'da book sounds cool!!
    and Jack.. don't worry about 'dat towls.. tinks could be worse.. you could've peed on 'dem right?? hee hee

    Tell Tall guy at least yous chewed on dems...


  23. Jack, that's a good way for humans to learn to pick up their towels. You're doing a great job.

    Can't wait to read your first chapter, TG!!

  24. If SOMEONE had bought better quality towels it would have been IMPOSSIBLE to chew holes in them and
    this wouldn't have happened! (So it wasn't your fault after all!) LOL. Cute pic.

  25. Jack, how's a guy to know whether the towels were for you or not? It makes perfect sense to me. Clearly the book writing stress is getting to the Tall Guy!

  26. Hey Jack, I am doing a blog project for school and one of our requirements is to follow a blog and analyze it, I wanted to let you know that I chose your blog because I love dogs and I also have one named Jack :) so tell the tall guy he did a good job in picking your name.

    p.s my jack likes shoes, you should try those, they may taste better than towels, especially leather ones :p

  27. It's good to know that your Book would be completed soon. But not so good about the towels