Saturday, January 1, 2011

January 1, 2011

My New Year's Revolution
by Jack

I have been told that this is my New Year's Revolution. I will not discuss WHOM told me this.

My New Year's Revolution - as dictated to me, Jack

I hereby resolve not to bark at the tall guy to try to get him out of bed when he is asleep early in the morning. Unless there is a fire. And by fire, I mean that the house is on fire and that something is burning. Fire does not mean that it is warmer inside the house than outside. Fire does not also mean that I am bored and/or hungry and want the tall guy to get up and do something about it. The End.

Now for the announcement I announced last week.

The tall guy says that I have run out of stuff to say, especially when I am trying to say it every day. Actually, he said I ran out of stuff to say about a year ago, but that's another story. He also said that he wants to start using the computer because he wants to TRY (he said I must emphasize the word TRY) to write a book about me. He said he wants to write a book about a dog where the dog doesn't die at the end. I told him as long as he spells my name correctly that he has my permission. He said I can keep posting, just not every day, because we are poor and it costs money to buy all the vowels that I am using. I think he got hit on the head when he was watching Wheel Of Fortune.

So, there you have it. 805 posts. One for every day so far that the tall guy and I have been together. I've had a great time. So check back next week and see what I did while you were gone. Don't forget me, ok?

We hope you have a wonderful new year and that all your new year wishes and dreams come true.

Until I can get back on the computer again, I shall remain ever your friend.



  1. Awe Jack... you and the TG just crack me up. I TOTALLY can relate to running out of stuff to say (happened to me about a year ago too!) I think the TG should definitely write a book about you. In fact, I'd like to put my order in right now! Please pawtograph it for me too... maybe we can get you both on Oprah if he hurries!!

  2. Happy New Year, Jack and TG!
    What we are going to do WITHOUT our Daily Dose of Jack???
    Well... just because I know the book is going to be pawesome I guess I can wait for your posts... when you can make them!
    Good luck!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. SO???


  4. Jack a happy story about a dog is what this world needs - a dog that doesn't die and a dog with a smile and a dog that makes us smile. Jack, that is YOU!

    We'll take as much of you as your tall guy is willing to allow - just don't go away and not come back - that would make for a lot of sad blogging faces.

    ♫Happy New Year to someone who has made us smile - always♫

  5. Aw, man! What am I gonna do without my virtual dog?
    J won't let me have a real one. Says we have too many kids around here for a dog. (I told him I could fix that trouble...)
    I guess I really will have to be a cat person. At least, for Milo's sake.

    Let us know when that book is out. Barnes and Noble would think it strange if I asked for a book by "Tall Guy".

  6. Oh my goodness Jack, I am all teary reading this. I will miss your everyday posts but I know that book will be worth waiting for. You never know, it might be made into a film and you might become a very famous film star and then we will all be very pleased to be able to say we actually know Jack 'in person'. Take care buddy and we look forward to hearing more of your stories when TG and you post again.
    Chrissie and Ben

  7. I will miss your daily posts, but I'm so excited about the book! Also, very cool of you to let the tall guy pretend that he's the one writing it. *wink, wink*
    One more thing....have you ever read a book called "Puppy Chow is Better than Prozac"? Great read.

  8. Does this make it a bi-daily dose of Jack ? Make sure you keep control over who takes the title role in the film version of the book.

  9. Will we get a weekly dose of Jack? I might be having withdrawals by then? :)
    When your new book gets made into a movie, can I be in it?? I could be your goofy BFF!
    Stanzie just asked if she could be in the movie too....


  10. That is a bazillion hundred of posts your TG has slaved over a hot (but not on fire) keyboard for you to be broadcasted to the world. A book where the dog DOESNT die will be GRRREAT! Marley & Me and The Art of Racing in the Rain are just too sad for my Ma sometimes.

    Looking forward to a good piece of literature Capt'n Jack! (saved you two vowels, spend it wisely)


  11. It's been a great run, but I understand. A dog book without death as the end...what a concept! A bunch of us were just talking about Marley the other night. My neighbor actually left the movie ten minutes early because she knew what was coming.

    Happy New Year to you both. The pressure is off. Read you soon.


  12. Hmmm - and are you going to change the name to Not Daily Dose of Jack?

    We totally understand and truly believe that blogging is supposed to be fun for the both the reader and writer (ok, ok, and the subject). Post when you want because we will always track you in our Google Reader thingy (or does that sound way too stalkerish).

  13. Jack what a good revolution not to bark at the hand that feeds and comforts you!!!

    Oh my goodness we are already looking forward to TG's book!!! Holy jumpin'catfish if anybody can write it will be TG and he has terrific material.
    TG please let us know why your book is published!! We'll be at the head of the line to buy it.

    We'll look forward to your weekly posts too.
    Mom is thinking after she retires (4/1/11) she and Dad will be traveling some so she will be cutting back too.

    Good luck and JACK you be good 'cause this book will be of great benefit to you too.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  14. Jack,
    Tell your tall guy friend that you will ALWAYS have stuff to say as long as you keep waking up everyday and living life...I will miss you quips and thoughts but look forward to hearing them sporadically!
    until then...take good care!

  15. Ah Jack! I've been reading your blog for quite some time and have never commented until today... wow, I'll miss checking in on you everyday! But, as long as you don't quit blogging altogether, that'll be alright! :) And, I can' wait to read the book!!

    Jen and the Black Do Crew

  16. We too will miss you, but we understand. We have the same problem here. Good luck to the TG with his book - he would definitely have a sale with us.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  17. Happy New Year Jack and TG. I ran out of things to say a really long time ago. Go figure!

  18. Jack! Don't abandon us completely, OK? Make sure TG helps you post now and then. I so look forward to your witticisms.


  19. What can I say? I'm still looking for the steam I lost abruptly in November....

    Looking forward to your book..and wish you all the best.
    Gizzy and his Mom

  20. I've been telling Faded Roses all along that a book about you would be a wonderful idea, Jack! So, TG I am so excited that you are finally going to do this! Don't forget the illustrations!!!! Coming to a Borders near you...

    Happy New Year!! And no, I won't forget you.


  21. I guess I won't need that intervention after all,
    since you are cutting back on my daily dose!


    There, I said it....
    I feel DTs coming on!!!!

    Love you, Jack

  22. Jack and TG,

    Happy New Year!
    Mom and me will miss our daily dose of you but understand completely. A book sounds like a wonderful idea, looking forward to reading it already! Please continue to stop by my blog for a visit and when time allows, update us on what is going on with you.
    Until next time my friends....

    Maggie Mae and mom

  23. I hope your human knows there is an application in Blogger that will import all the blogs into a book format. Saves a lot of work. Around here we have a couple of books underway at any given time and we have not gotten around to a dog book. It will come someday.

    Mogley G. Retriever

  24. Jack,
    We have enjoyed all your post and we look forward to many more.
    Tell the tall guy his book sounds interesting even if he has to steal computer time from you.

    Sheils & Bob

  25. Oh I (a human, gasp!) can't wait for the book. Neither can my black lab/rottie mix - "Waddles". I don't think he likes to think about death, so he tells me, but can't wait to read about even more of your adventures with the TG.

    We love you Jack!!
    ~Beth and Waddles

  26. What will I do without my best friend? Best of luck with your book -- I know it will be a best seller!

  27. TallGuy and Jack
    Happy new year, I accidently posted under "snail" pic instead of here, hope you still see. Good luck with your endeavor!

  28. OH NO JACK ~ I am going to miss your daily posts so much :( Can't tall guy just post a picture of you every day without any words so we won't miss you so much?????


  29. I think a dog book without the dog dying at the end is a SUPERB idea. I already can't wait to read it. We can live with a weekly dose of Jack, but please don't cut back further than that!!

    I hope Jack will do better than the rest of us at keeping his resolution!!

  30. There has got to be an award for over 800 consecutive days of posting - you will go down in dog blog history! We are so proud of you and the Tall Guy for both your revolution and your book. It's going to be awesome :)

  31. Happy New Year!! I really didn't know how TG was coming up with this daily funny stuff anyway! I struggle with once/week! Tell TG that whenever he posts, I'll be a-readin'! And I'll buy any doggy book where the dog actually lives LOL

  32. Happy New Year Jack and TG! Good luck with your book!

  33. dear mr Tall Guy, it looks like once again, i am discovering a blog i like, too late. i don't know why this is happening. but since i'm new here, i'll go read the old stuff. maybe by the time i've read some, you'll haved posted something new :)

  34. OH MAN!!?! Weekly Dose of Jack? Well our mom doesn't have anything to say and she's gonna start a bloggie about us anyway. It doesn't have "Daily" anywhere in the title though. Come visit us when your dad lets you on the computer! And we'll still drop by.


  35. I just had to check.... :(

    Please give Jack a kiss on his sweet snooter for me!

  36. Oh no, no daily dose of Jack?!
    But I can understand, it is a job doing a daily blog! Heck, we can barely keep up our travel blog on a weekly basis! So much work to create it!

    Good luck on the book! Go for your dream! I'd love to read a book where the dog doesn't die!

    Best of wishes for 2011
    Kathy and Raider

  37. Hi ya Jack! Mom and me will miss your daily posts too, we amazed at how you posted every day! Mom thinks a book is an awesome idea...good luck with that!!


  38. Happy New Year, Jack!! Love your New Years Revolution!

  39. Oh no, now I'm going to be suffering from Jack withdrawl. Bummer!!!!

  40. Hmmm.... Looks like Dennis' dada's best seller listing is contagious. He's writing books. TG is writing a book. We'll sure miss you, Jack, but we do wish the TG great success. With you as the main character, he can't go wrong. Tell him to be sure to include pictures in his book. You and Dennis will have to form a support group. Are you going to change the name of your blog, like to An Occasional Dose of Jack?

    Happy New Year, and may you be a touring author by this time next year.

    Jed & Abby

  41. I think writing a Jack book is a capital idea. After following your post for over a year, I think you got what it takes to not only write a readable book, but(hopefully) make a little coin along the way. Self publishing is pretty easy these days. A good read will find it's own audience. When you create your TG bio for your cover, use a picture of your knees on down like a Charlie Brown cartoon. Of course, speak in saxophone tones....BOL

    Good Luck.

  42. Wow that is some 'nouncement! My momma gets some grand plans sometimes too and then the Hulu monster comes and kidnaps her. SO I say that you make TG show you some book parts every few days and if he can't show you many words then you should get to do a post!
    It is sort of crazy to think there will be no daily dose though...whatever will we do? Plus I think you are always full of wisdom!

  43. This is why we only post at best twice a week. It keeps Mom and Dad fresh on the ideas and picture ideas!