Friday, December 31, 2010

December 31, 2010


It is so cold today, I decided just to stay inside and sleep!

We finally got some wet stuff.
It was both snow and hail so I'm gonna call it SNAIL!

There's a bunch of snow up on the mountains,
but it snowed SO much,
they had to close the road up to where we go to play.
So we can't go up there yet!
Hopefully next week.

I'll make sure runny-nose guy
takes his camera with him this time!

PS: He said he tried to get a picture with his phone
while he was driving,
but the guy behind him was not at all appreciative
of the winter panorama
and pointed at him.
With his middle finger.

But here's the picture he got anyway:


  1. Auntie Di went to Prescott -

    They had to park the trukhk at the bottom of the driveway and walk up to the house - she thinks there is 8" or so up there -

    I like your snails - was there butter?

    Khyra The Snowless Siberian

  2. When we's in 'da car wits Mommy and Daddy Man (especially Daddy Man) we see lots of peoples sticking outs 'dere middle fingers at hims.. hee hees

    like 'da pho-toes..
    We 'prolly shouldn't tell you 'dat it's gonna be 56 degrees here in Elgin today!!
    Butt 'den it's suppose to get cold agains :(

    Have a Happy New Years!!!!
    and IzZY, TriXie and Anakin Man wishing you happy news years too!

  3. Aw.....dont you get to play in the snow JAck? It is fun, time for the TG to go hiking dont ya think?? hehe


  4. Seoc - Bliadhna Mhath Ur. And thank you TG.

  5. Happy New Year from our crowd to you and the TallGuy....Stay safe and warm...

  6. Hate to say it, but tell TG to keep his eyes on the road!

  7. Morning Sleepy head!!!
    Madi that the pot calling the kettle black,you're sleeping too.
    We like your new word Snail!!!

    Jack how dare the guy behind TG to point at him and with his Middle finger too!! He must not have heard that pointing is rude....and Mom told me when you point at someone your other 4 fingers are pointing at there rude guy.

    We do think that is a beautiful picture.
    Madi and Mom and Happy New Year to you and TG

  8. Send the "Snail" video to The Weather Channel!

  9. Okay, that snail thing is some ker-azy stuff! But that was a Most Beautiful picture of the mountains that Tall Guy took. It was prolly worth having somebuddy point at him.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  10. That is a good name for it! We are getting ready for storm 2! The one yesterday was really something! Hope everyone is ready....I have to get this stuff out of here! Have a fun new years, my friend!

  11. My hubby gets that finger a lot when he drives too and he's not taking pictures!

  12. Jack...get the stink off of you and go outside a play for awhile! It'll make you sleep better...Have a Blessed Happy New Year!

  13. I sympathize with you, Jack. If it snowed here in Oklahoma, I would hibernate, too! UGH!


  14. Yappy New Year, Jack!
    We are still waiting fur our snow..


  15. Snail, I like it. The weather is just as gross as a snail, that's for sure. While I am glad the Tall Guy was able to get such great photos, I agree that indoors is the best place to remain.

  16. Just found your blog, and am enjoying it. I am new to dog blogs, having just lost my second golden, at just 6 yrs, and now sadly living vicariously thru the blogs. Hubby is too devastated for another pup here. I think the book idea is great, yeah with a good ending. You have a great way of writing, and the point of view (tall guy) reminds me of curious george. So maybe a kids book too! Disappointed you wont be posting so often, since I just found it! Another blog I have enjoyed as much is Homer golden. Both are hilarious. Happy new year to you and Jack