Saturday, December 18, 2010

December 18, 2010

My Annual
Expression of Joy!!'

Me, before we went to the vet

Well, it's that time again.
Time for the Annual Christmas 'Expression of Joy'.
(This happened about a year ago, if I recall!)

Evidently, my drain pipes got clogged up again,
so I had to go see the doctor
and get it taken care of.

I will never look at a Rotor-Rooter commercial
on tv again the same way!

Actually, it's not too bad.
It only took about a minute and I got to say hello
to all of the nice people at the doctor's office.
They asked the tall guy if he wanted to stay in the room
while I was...
uh, how can I put this gently,
while I was doing my interpretive dance
but he said, no thank you.
But he brought them some cookies afterward.
I think that's the LEAST they deserved!

It looks like this may become an annual event.
I'll see if we can get video next time!


  1. Such an exciting way to usher IN the howliDAZE!

    PeeEssWoo: I'm withholding judgement on the video fur now!

  2. Good grief! Glad you're better. TG is a chicken not to stay with you and hold your paw while this delicate procedure was performed. Hope we're through with the elimination posts for a while. They distress Abby.

    Jed & Abby

  3. First you had your bone confiscated, now this. Time for some serious pie eating as compensation !

  4. Its better then spending your holiday with clogged pipes...

    ....or is it.....


  5. TG did not stay while you, uh, expressed yourself. Thought those humans were supposed to be with us through thick, thin, and, well, this.

  6. AWWWW, certainly not a good way to spend a day! I hope your day is better today and everyone leaves well enough alone! hugs to you...

  7. That wasn't very nice of TG to leave you alone is your moment of distress. Luckily so far none of us has had to endure THAT.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  8. Oh Jack
    Mom says TG can make just about any thing funny. Mom is snickering at your expense I might add. We know all (not from personal experience) about the Expression of Joy. My sis's first kitty quarterly Expression of Joy.

    We are glad TG left the room so as not to be associated with the joyful event.
    Kitty purrs to you my fine yellow friend,

  9. Poor Jack!
    Da expression of joy can be so humiliating...I'm glad you have such a good attitudes about it. Here is a momma learned from da Vet how to do it herself!!!!!!! OMD!!!! Now her can inflict this torture on us on a whim!

  10. In our house, we call that "butt paste", and we are thankful that Cabana can "express herself" without the assistance of vegetarians. At least poor Jack had it taken care of in the (St.) Nick of time!

  11. You know, Jack, I think you need to lay off the socks. One of my doggey friends loved to eat socks and it put her in the same predicament. Except, the vet had to go in to get it and then had to sew her back up!


  12. Now THAT'S a gift in the express lane....BOL

  13. Great play on words! I bet you don't get to 'express' yourself this way very often!

  14. ooo, so glad I has never had to have that done!

  15. WHAT! The Tall Guy didn't stay in there to hold your paw! My poor, poor friend....what is this world coming too? Oh, hang on a minute....the Merry Maids are here, gotta go....

  16. The Tall Guy made a wise choice. No parent wants to see their fur babies nether regions prodded! Hope you are feeling better buddy!

  17. I had to visit the vet twice in the last two weeks for my annual shots (I had to go back for a booster) and the vet found out I was a big baby when mom and dad were in the room. She took me in the back and I did not cry or yelp at all.

  18. Lol, love the play on words!
    Thanks for the ecard!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  19. Express yourself for the holidays. Wonderful.