Thursday, December 9, 2010

December 9, 2010

It's time for
The Annual Eating* of the
Christmas Toothbrush!

And how was I supposed to know that you shouldn't chew up the toothbrush? I mean they put this good tasting stuff on it and then they put it in your mouth and rub it all over your teeth? How was I supposed to know that it was sitting out on the counter to dry and that I wasn't supposed to sneak up on the counter and get it and take it outside and chew it into a bunch of pieces while the tall guy was watching the teevees. So, it's really HIS fault.

*PS - I didn't really EAT it. I just sorta divided it into pieces with my teeth.

PPS - Do you think Santa works under the 3 strike policy?

PPPS - I'm not really sad in the picture above. I'm just about to fall asleep.


  1. Bristles ring...
    Are woo listening...
    Bristles ring...
    Are your toofers glistening...


  2. Jack! What's the matter puppy?
    Were you just trying to brush your teeth?


  3. Yah I agree Jack. They leave the stuffs out and then get mad when we get into it. WHEN will they ever learn to out their things away?? LOL


  4. I don't understand this oral fixation of yours Jack. I never chew anything up. You know, you're not really a puppy anymore... you've got all your teeth, right? Is this typical of your breed? haha That was a funny question wasn't it? typical of your breed... like you would know that. You don't, do you?

  5. A very understandable mistake.

  6. Seems to me you are just keeping up with holiday traditions. I am keen to learn what else you will eat.


  7. hee hees... oh Jack~
    We's all do 'dat same ting to our toofy brushys too!!
    Hopefullys santa man doesn't work under 'dat three strike policy or we's been out many gifts and 'da Josie be outs my Josie Pony.. hee hees


  8. Jack
    Yep 3 strikes and you are out; however, we have it on good authority, if you start today you have 17 days to clean up your act!! Santa has a short memory.
    Seems to me that at the beginning of each Christmas Seasons it is TG's duty to remind you of all the dos and don'ts of the Season.
    Madi and Mom

    Hang in there good buddy!!!

  9. Hey, if it's sitting out in the open -- it's fair game! That's the rule! Didn't the Tall Guy get the new manuel?

  10. I figure if anything is left out on a counter it's fair game!

  11. You have been so good this year Jack, I'm sure Santa can overlook this little incident. As long as you leave the toothbrush alone from now on. Besides, I'm sure the big guy wouldn't blame you either. That toothpaste is just so yummy!

  12. That's totally not your fault! If the tall guy wasn't watching the Sing Off and playing with you instead then you wouldn't have had to entertain yourself! :)

  13. We figure you were just trying to help the TG out by brushing your own teeth so he could rest..... TG - thanks for the info on embedding form You Tube.
    Ernie,Sasha,Chica & M

  14. I think it's a fun game. Our peoples leave stuff out and we gets to take it!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  15. I think it's great that TG brushes your teeth, Jack. I need to brush Cabana's more often...bad doggy mama, I am.

  16. Just maybe Santa is bringing you a new toothbrush! I love my chicken flavoured toothpaste but no way, not the brush!