Saturday, December 11, 2010

December 11, 2010

Toys by Jacques!

The Amazing Rabbit with No Face!!

I think the rabbit with no face will be a hit with all your children this Christmas season. Plus I'll throw in all the stuffing that used to be inside at NO EXTRA CHARGE!!

Order yours today! Supplies are limited to one (because the tall guy says I ain't getting no more rabbits to tear off their faces).

So this is sorta kinda like a one-of-a-kind. Just think, in 100 years your grandchildren could take it to the Antiques Roadshow and it could be worth bajillions of dollars (or they could be one of the people who comes on at the end of the show when the credits are rolling. Who knows??).


  1. Mom is skhreaming something about a Billy Idol song but I'm used to her oddities...


  2. You have a unique object d'art on offer, Jack! Although it doesn't look to us like you're quite ready to part with it. Maybe if you hang on to it, it will appreciate in value - a lot. We're sure Santa Paws won't hold it against you that you quite logically chewed on a stick that happened to have brushes, or chewed on a stuffie - oops, valuable object d'art - so it shows a little normal wear and tear. If Santa Paws cares about little stuff like that, we are in BIG trouble!

    Jed & Abby

  3. Jack - So sorry. We spent all our money on bizarre Japanese cats - or were they rabbits ?

  4. 'dis is so cool!! 'da Josie has quite the shopping list of faceless bunnies I like to give too... hee hees

    Only one per Doggy??
    Maybe a loop hole... Josie orders one under Josie.. one under 'da Josie... one under Josie Posie.. one under Jo-Jo..

    Josie knows IzZY will want one for sure.. she is 'da first one on my list.. hee hee..
    ooooo... she be mad she not attack bunny man first.. hee hees..

    Josie will just start out wits 'da one??

    Yous could mass produce 'dem... get assembly line going of bunny's for yous to nom nom nom on and chomp 'dere faces...
    'dey could even be placed for prizes at carnivals, gifts at birfday partys... just tinks of the paw sit bill it T's!!!

  5. Oh dear that would match the now one armed monkey that I have! How great would that be...but are you sure you want to part with it? I know I love my monkey too much to share.
    Bones and Treats to ya,

  6. You seem to be on quite the tear (so to speak) Jack. We approve.

  7. Dear Sweet Jack what is up with this rabbit aggression? Whew....thank my lucky stars I'm a would not do that to a cat RIGHT?
    Happy Weekend,
    Madi (glad she is not a rabbit) and Mom

  8. I saw that on a commercial while I was watching SpongeBob this morning! I just know it will be a big hit!

  9. I got behind on my Jack sagas, so went back several posts. I bet I could send you something you couldn't chew up: one of my home baked dinner rolls. Hard as rocks!

  10. Thank you for the cool card, my friend!

  11. Rabbits with no faces??? That's just wrong!
    This is just too scary for us... :)

  12. Darwin would love to play with that! In fact she could swap with you if you would like a warthog with no face. I threw out the cat with no face at halloween.

  13. Make it a squirrel and I'd buy one for sure!