Thursday, December 30, 2010

December 30, 2010


I finally talked the tall guy into taking me back to the puppy park since we haven't been in a couple of weeks (something about him having near-pneumonia, which I told him wasn't even a medical condition). So after he blowed his nose for about 3 hours this morning, we got in the car and went.

You might think that this picture shows me playing at the puppy park, but it's not true. Someone (the guy with the runny nose) forgot to bring his camera, so this is a picture of me at the local park the other day.

If he HAD brought the camera, this would be a picture of me playing catch with the Fribsee. I even caught it in the air FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME. That would've been a really cool picture!

If he had brought his camera, here you would see me playing with one of the really cool puppies. She could run really fast and this would have been a picture of me jumping all the way over her when she suddenly stopped. It would have been a great picture!

And finally, here would be a picture of me playing in the water at the park and then rolling around in the dirt. Boy, was I a mess. It was really funny. You would have laughed for the rest of the day, let me tell you!

By the way, I hope that none of your peoples did not get 'The Big Bang Theory' Season 1, 2 AND 3 DVDs for Christmas or you won't ever get to go anywhere again. Just saying.


  1. We love The Big Bang Theory, we watched the previous seasons all marathon-style, too! Poor Jack, so neglected and undocumented. The TG better keep those DVDs in a safe place, or they might become big banged (or big chewed).

  2. ROFL I can see the pictures in my mind and you look just wonderful!! Glad you got the TG to get you out and about!!!


  3. I hope TG feels better soon!
    No pictures but with your description I have the images in my mind!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. You are remarkably eloquent for a lab. Unless I have misjudged your breed -- well, misjudged dogs altogether.

    You are also adorable and I want to hug you.

  5. Very goods picture, we can see them quite clearly. tell your tall guy to gets some olive leaf extract to stop him getting colds that way you wont miss out on the park again. Loved your toys in other post, I like boxes best too.

  6. Personally, we think the humans should just have the camera embedded so they never forget it. But, at least he could have drawn the pictures like you were in a court room or something.

  7. We didn't get that DVD, but momma and master have been getting all 87 seasons of the Sopranos from the Netflix and watching that. Ish.

    Your photos, sigh. TG is not right in the head.


  8. Oh no! How could the TG forget to bring the camera?? Doesn't he know he's your personal photographer for a reason?? Oh well, we've managed to picture your images in our heads and they sound like lots of fun! Have a great one!
    Bones and treats,
    Bronson and Pepper

  9. MOL Jack you are a fun-gi!!!

    We are sorry TG has been under the weather but glad to hear he is feeling some better. It appears, however, he might have blown part of his brain out during the pneumonia...HOW could he forget the camera?

    Ask TG if he has read Amazing Gracie by Dan Dye and Mark Beckloff..the founders of Three Dog Bakery? I bet he read it once a year!!!
    Hugs Madi

  10. PS Big Bang Theory...Nope my peeps will not be buying that....Mom says she lives it every day...she works in the Physics Department. She can verify that the show is right on the mark though. There are actually people on that show very much like her co-workers

  11. He SOOOOOOOOO owes woo...

    Khyra The Snowless Siberian Who Saw That Even Stumpy In Dirtville AZ Got Freakin' SNOW!

  12. Oh, yes...I can tell those woulda been GREAT pictures. Why is it that the humans always have the camera when you don't want them to and NEVER have it when you do want them to? Sigh.

    My pawrents did not get those DVDs for Christmas. Whew! Maybe you could bury them somewheres.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  13. Jack! You're so athletic -- especially when you jumped over that other puppy while catching a frisbee!!!

  14. We have The Big Bang Season 1 and 2....and the last season of we are set for the winter! Those were the best "would of been" pictures I have ever seen!

  15. I took camera on ride to Buddy's vet yesterday, as we had to travel "over the mountain" and I knew the snow would be beautiful...It was, and
    D was impressed that I remembered camera...however, batteries were at home in charger!
    Senior moments, My Friend? :)

  16. I had to squint a little to make out the images but got it with your keen descriptions. Hope you can relive that trip soon when TG feels like remembering the camera.

  17. Gee, your photo album looks just like ours. Mama is always saying "I wish I'd had the camera" when we do something cute [which is like ALL the time!] There's an old saying about a road to somewhere being paved with good intentions. Hope the TG feels better and does better. Happy New Year!

    Jed & Abby