Friday, December 10, 2010

December 10, 2010

Look at the sweet puppy!
He's cuddling with
Mr. Rabbit.
That must be the nicest,
most sweetest puppy ever
in the whole wide world.
Yes, indeedy!
I bet he is the bestest dog
who always listens
and does everything the tall guy
tells him to do.

Think this will fool Santa*?

* Dear Santa: Please do not notice that Mr. Rabbit no longer has no eyeballs.
Or face.
Or stuffing.
Or squeakers*.
Thank you.
Your friend,

Note from the tall guy:

Jack did not get a chance to eat the squeakers.
Once he de-faced (LOL)
the bunny,
I removed the squeakers so that he couldn't get to them.
I think I read about that on Ms. ~K's blog
because I had never thought about it before,
but now I do!


  1. I know woo are a furry good Lab Jack!

    PeeEssWoo: I also know how humans tend to embellish stories!

  2. Oh Jack, I am sooo sure Santa will fall for..oops, I mean....realize that you are such a good boy and that someone else did alllll that damage to the poor bunny.
    And the tall guy was real smart to remember about taking out the squeaky things before you did cause if you ate one you might go about your day squeaking instead of barking. Oh my gosh, that would be horrible!!!!
    Hugs and wags, Mistaya

  3. We Believe you too Jack. How could Santa not believe such a face as that...btw if he asks about the rabbit, there's this thing called plausible deniablity.

  4. Umm

    Ma gave me a squeaky santa, which now does not have a hat, nose or boots... or insides and has been "confiscated". So I am afraid you may not be getting a visit from Mr Santa this year..


  5. Jack....please send me the name of your letter to
    Santa writer...I think I might need their services.
    Happy Friday I hope you can find some snow this weekend,
    Madi and Mom

  6. Sorry, Jack, I think Santa might have been following your blog too long to fall for that pathetic face.


  7. Good luck with that letter to might need to send some bribe money with it :)


  8. Jack,

    OoH I am sure dat Santa will beleeves you! ;)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  9. Santa wasn't born yesterday! But who needs Santa when you've got the Tall Guy?!

  10. I don't know. Your letter sounds pretty suspicious to me, a little bit of protesting too much perhaps?

  11. Mr. Rabbit looks like I do in the morning before I put my face on.
    Jack, if Santa doesn't come through, you know whose shoes to chew up don't you?

  12. JAck
    It might just pass through Santa PAws. It coul look like it is face down and he wont notice that there is no eyes, nose, face or squeaker LOL You DO look adorable there and very innocent!!


  13. hee hees!!
    So cute Jack! Um... my sissy IzZY 'dose 'dat same sort of ting to her stuffies too!! She pulls 'da eye balls out.. de squeaks 'dem.. pulls 'dere little arms off... next 'dere legs.. You can always tell her stuffies and 'den ours..

    Butt.. Santa Man will still tinks yous a good boy!!
    Yes, Momma and my sissy IzZY did change 'da font size..
    'dey went from 16 to 14... butt for some reason it still looks smaller...
    we's gonna try to play arounds wits it's again tonites..
    Josie thought it was just my vision works not working... hee hees

    Josie :)

  14. I think Jack looks sad that someone got to the squeakers before he did!

  15. OMG...he tooks da squekers out? Dats da bestest part of da toy. I know I know he was just looking out fur your safety.

    You gots da look down!


  16. I think Santa will believe you Jack, especially with the pathetic face...I sure would give it a try!


  17. ps. I promise not to do the same thing to Tall Guy. Besides, he's kinda cute when he squeeks.

  18. Oh Jack, if I were Santa you would get all the gifts with that sweet face!

  19. If you leave some cookies for Santa you'll be cool Jack. Rabbits were meant to be de-stuffed:)