Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January 4, 2010

I'm so sorry I've been gone.
I had to take a bath.

Some puppies do not like to take a bath, but I do. Especially when I get to use the non-whirlpool whirlpool tub. There are just a few things you need to remember.
1) Do not drink the water coming out of the spigot because then you won't have any water if the shampoo gets in your eyes.
2) Do not let the shampoo get into your eyes or you will not be able to see and then you could bust your head on the spigot.
3) Do not worry. You are too big to go down the drain. Although the tall guy says from the look of all the hair that is left in the tub, most of me DID go down the drain.
4) Wait before you jump out of the tub, because the floor is really wet. How did the floor get wet? I have no idea, because when I was shaking, I made sure that all the water stayed in the tub.
5) If your peoples have any sense, they are half nekkid when they are giving you a bath. This is a good time to take pictures if you have access to the camera, so they will have to give you extra cookies so you won't put the pictures online.
6) Eat the towels is especially fun. The peoples think they are drying you off, but they are really playing keep-away with the towels!

And finally, if you are REALLY lucky, right after you have your bath, you can run outside and roll around in the 'grass' to get dried off. Just remember, rocks does NOT equal grass!!

On another note, the tall guy has not written even one book yet! He said he's organizing his thoughts. I think he just wanted to use the computer to watch the Hulu.


  1. it's okay jack, maybe he'll write the book tomorrow. i'm sure it takes at least 24 hours to write something So Important. sometimes, it takes my typist almost as long just to write 1 post. have a clean day! :)

  2. Oh Jack...I like my baths too. I try to be real good cause then I know I get to run around like crazy whe it is over! And I usually get several treats when I am done. M.O.M. thinks I really like getting a bath but it is really that I love the treats afterwards. Please don't tell her!
    Hugs and wags, Mistaya

  3. We love the towel. It's like playing with a toy and getting major PETTING all at the same time. Our mom read the book by this Dean Koontz guy about his dog called "A Big Little Life." She said it was really good. She thought it might inspire you. Or intimidate you. But she liked it. Come visit us when you have a chance.

  4. Oh Jack. I was missing you. Not only are you back for a visit but you're clean! More than I can say for myself. Your baths sound like more fun than mine except for the rolling in the rocks part.
    Nice to see you today.

  5. LOL Thats funny that you like your baths!! I HATE them and I get everybody wet!!! Sure looks like you are taking a chomp outta that towel lol
    It is different not reading you everyday and the TG did a great job posting everyday. So did you go and roll and get your smell back??


  6. I'm thinking that the TG probably already knows that he can turn Jack's blog into a book....abra-cadabra.


    You have some pretty juicy material here Jack (please don't eat the book)

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  8. Ha ha Jack, you crack me up. Plus you are so darn cute!

  9. Those sure are a lot of rules to remember during spa day. I will pass them along to PeeWee as he is a total spa spaz. I am looking forward to the nekked human photos. That'll be the most we've seen of TG ever.


  10. Jack,
    these things take time, although still glad to see you have have penchant for writing...

  11. If there's one thing we wanna tell you it's make sure the TG spells yer name right. It's JACK with one ACK!'

    Bobo and Meja

  12. You like a bath ? Do you get pie afterwards for bravery ?

  13. Ewwww!! Bath? It is a feared word for this house! That's why mama usually takes me to this place where someone else does it. Hooman brother gives Jack, T-Bone and CoCo their baths, but us Huskies are another story!!!

    Looking good!!



    We are SO there ;-)

    PeeEssWoo: Happy 2011 ;-)

  15. OH MY CATS and DOGS happy day we have a Daily Dose of Jack!!!

    Jack I have tried and tried to tell you...but evidently you are not listening...you need to be a cat...we don't never take baths!!! We are care free!!
    Hugs Madi

  16. After bath zoomies are the best!
    Looking good all clean, Jack!
    Sniff sniff, and you smell nice too!
    Now go find something disgusting to roll in!

  17. You have to try rubbing against the bed to dry off! It's Darwin's favorite step!

  18. Bath? That is just a swim in a small pool. Make the best of it, and take lots of water out of the little white pool and spread it around the house. It works for us!

    Mogley G. Retriever

  19. You look great Jack! Are you going out tonight? Don't worry about the Tall Guy, he is so creative he will have that book done in no time!

  20. Jack,

    Even more handsome after your bath....*sigh*

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  21. I had to take a bath after being stink bugged tonight. I feel for ya.

  22. If your human tried to write a book AND do daily post of your activities (not to mention, give you activities), there would be no time for baths. Think about it.

  23. I cannot believe he hasn't finished the book yet!! You're a good boy Jack. The humans gave up on trying to give me a bath because I pride myself on being impossible.

  24. wow... thought TG would at least have a couple of chapters cranked out by now. what's the problem?

  25. That is why we go to the dog wash...or we would have to remodel the bathroom!


  26. Jack!
    I love baths too!
    My mom has learnt to give me a bath... when she is getting hers! We don't have a bathtube so you can imagine the shower mess!
    The books is not ready yet?? Hmmm... I hope TG's ideas get organized soon!
    Kisses andhugs

  27. I hate baths, Jack but my sister Maggie loves them...must be the lab in her!

  28. We were surprised to get to the text and read you like baths. The photos looked like the Lab version of "Gonna Wash That Man Right Out of My Furs." We're sure the TG is cogitating up a storm, which is a very important step in his career as your biographer. You want him to take his time and do it right!

    Jed & Abby

  29. Great info about baths! Hey Jack can you have TG send me an e-mail? My address is dogfostermom at aoldotcom. Thank you :-)

  30. Hey Jack, Baths are great huh!!! Getting to run around on our ears & be crazy cuz it feels so good to be clean.. I just had one too and got a haircut. Don't forget the treats are the best part!!
    We know TG will get that book going soon. You probably do keep him lab busy.

  31. Which is why Mom washes us outside in a sunny spot. The only thing that gets wet then is her!


  32. tooo funny and so true!