Monday, April 11, 2011

April 11, 2011

(with extra PPS goodness
down at the bottom)

Most of you know Khyra

and you know what an amazing job
she does helping dogs
and puppies get to their new
forever homes.

So, I asked the tall guy
and he said that he would give
$1.00 for every book he sells
this week to say
"Thank you, Khyra and Khyra's mom!"
to help them buy gas for their transports.
(I told him that it might be better
if they bought gas for their car,
but he just gave me the stink-eye!)

So, if a million people buy my book,
we can give them a million dollars!
Since most of you have already got a copy,
please tell your bloggy friends, neighbors,
and in-laws to go get a copy.
They don't even have to read it,
(although I think they will like it if they do)!

PS: Khrya's mom is not really a car.

PPS:  Some of you have asked about
a hard copy of my book.
Unfortunately, we are gived and sold-ed out
of them.  And since they cost SO much
to print, we will have to wait a while
until 1) I get offered a movie deal or
2) the Ellen show calls and we get
to go talk to her which will help us
sell 40 gazillion copies.  So if anyone
knows Ellen, please tell her that
we are waiting by the phone
for her people to call my people...
er... person...uh.. the Tall Guy!


  1. (sheepish)... i still hadn't bought one yet. so now i can't resist!

  2. Jack - Always thought of you as a Jon Stewart type of guest.

  3. MOL Jack...we'll call our people, who have people, who's people know some people who used to groom Ellen's puppies....then we'll have them ask Ellen's people to call that ok
    Hugs Madi

  4. What the heck? Jack the movie. OK, I will see if I can persuade momma to abuse company property and print out your book at work. Its either that or get my human brother or sister to come over and read it to her. She is all about, Oh, Mango, books are books and computers are computers.


  5. I could have sworn I was stuck in a time warp when I read your post today. I thought I woke up and it was yesterday, which isn't that bad, really, when a person my age gets another day to live! But then I read the PPS at the end, and which told me it IS Monday, and which also explains why I couldn't find your book at the library. The librarians didn't get a copy of your book before it sold out. You ever hear the one about "He who hesitates..."

  6. Pawsome idea!!!

  7. Sounds like a great deal! Do you want us to copy & paste this onto a post on Pet Blogs United?

    Just e-mail us at PBU at comcast dot net & let us know, or you can e-mail us something you write specifically for our audience.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  8. I'll sell woo one ;-)

    Gently used - and snoozed on whilst Jack was here fur his photoshoot -

    PeeEssWoo: We are glad woo liked the transport dedikhation to woo two furry nice fellas!

  9. Hey JackDaddy,
    Since you asked... when Mango was a baby and we had our other mastiff, Raja, we had four fruit trees that were about two years old, maybe twice the size of the little peach tree. Mango and Raja just ripped those poor little trees right up by the roots and ran around playing keep away. Wow, was master mad. So now the fruit trees get mastiff proof fencing until the are mature.

    Mango Momma