Thursday, November 14, 2013

November 15, 2013

Now you want to hurry?

I'm not sure if you can tell,
but someone thinks it's cold outside.

Yes, that's the tall guy.
He's wearing a sweater,
his heavy coat,
his gloves,
and his funny hat with the ear flaps.
I am practically 'nekkit'
(as they say in these parts).

Of course, it took someone
25 minutes to get ready to go outside.
First he puts on his coat.
Then he puts on his gloves.
Then he puts on his hat.
Then he takes off his gloves
because he can't put on my string
when he's wearing his gloves.
Then he has to spend 10 minutes
trying to zip up his coat.
Then he puts on his gloves.
Then we head out the door.
But wait...
he can't lock the door
when he's wearing his gloves,
so he has to take off
ONE glove so he can get the keys
out of his pocket to lock the door.
he puts back on the one glove
and we finally head out the door.

Then we go for a walk
and by the time he gets back home,
he's complaining because it's too hot.
So he has to take off his hat,
his gloves, his coat
AND his sweater.

And all this time, 
all I'm wearing is my collar.

I don't know if I'll ever figure it out!


  1. Dear Jack,

    Oh my GOSH! This really made me LOL!!!!

    I could picture it all perfectly in my head, but of course, we have no idea what the tall guy looks like, so in my imaginary scenario, his face was just a bunch of pixels, like when they show an undercover police officer on the teevees!

    I'm still laughing!

    Your friend,

  2. Ok, first you need to get a collar for TG . . .

    Your Pals,

    Murphy and Stanley

  3. That's just like winter here in Winnipeg! We get COLD here, but so far it's been a warm start to winter - no snow on the ground yet. I am 4 and in my lifetime we have seen temperatures in the -38 celcius range with windchills at -45 celcius! Tell the Tall Guy to bring you to Winterpeg in January!

  4. Jack don't even try to figure it out. Humans are so complicated, they could learn a lot from us. I am glad you did finally get out for the walk.

    Loveys Sasha

  5. I don't understand it either Jack. It's so much easier being nekked. I think they are afraid of sunburn or something

  6. We have the same conversation here every morning. We don't see what the big deal is, you open the door and go! Lee and Phod

  7. I'm glad TG wears more than just a collar for walkies, but I totally understand your frustration. I, too, need to wait for momma to select the right portfolio of outer wear for each and every walkie. Then there is the on and off of the gloves. I get so impatient sometimes I bark at her "HURRY UP!"

  8. MOL MOL MOL MOL JACK. I hope your eyes did not turn yellow while waiting!
    So it is just a smidgen,as we say in this part of the world, colder in AL THAN AZ?
    I must admit it has been pretty dag gone cold in NC for November!
    I'd gladly pay to see a pic of TG ALL DRESSED UP
    Madi your bffff

  9. Jack - Now we know. You've moved to Nebraska.

  10. Ha ha!! Funniest blog ever!
    I feel the same way when "mom" walks me in the winter! It's such an "ordeal" getting her ready for our walks! Yes, the Gloves go on and then off. (But, I find extra fun in the game when I grab them and run!!!!!) Enjoy the Cold Temps!! I Do.
    Your Pal,

  11. oh how i've missed you jack!
    your ordinary adventures are the best.

  12. Pfffft I am sure its colder here ;) Though I do hurry when outside

    Stop on by for a visit

  13. BOL !!!!!!!!!
    That was the greatest description of getting for a walk I have ever heard.