Monday, November 18, 2013

November 19, 2013

Can you see it?

Can you see how pitiful and sad I look?

I am the most pitifullest and sad-i-fied
puppy I know.

The tall guy won't let me play in the water.

He said last time I played in the stream,
I kept drinking the water
and got the dire rear.

I did not like having a dire rear,
so I guess I will listen to him.

This time.

So now all I can do is look at it.

A boy can dream can't he?


  1. Wow Jack, di-rear isn't good. Mom makes me eat all that nasty junk like pumpkin yogurt, or Pepto if I get it. Then I have to try not to puke and have a 2 end affair.Golly I swim in my pond almost everyday, even winter if there is no ice and never got the di -rear -before, but maybe mine came from the deer and cat poop I like so much to snack on!!!! My sympathy for your situation. Maybe TG will find a healthier place to swim after you have lived there longer. Till then...keep the faith, I just know water is in your future somewhere.

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  3. That just isn't right! TG owes you a swim!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. Yes indeedy Jack do be very careful with that creek one likes explosions from their rear ends. It sure does look pretty and cool though.
    hugs madi your bfff

  5. How dare he not let you play in the water

    Stop on by for a visit

  6. Not getting to play in the water . . . that is very sad, even if you got sick last time. Maybe next time. Lee and Phod

  7. Bad things from the rear upset me and the whole family. Best to focus on swimming not drinking the water, even though it's so tasty.

  8. Dear Jack,

    Never in all my born days have I ever seen such a sad an pitiful puppy face!!

    But, the dire rear is absolutely NO FUN, for man or beast, so it's better to listen to the tall guy and stay out of the stream......maybe when the weather warms back up again he will turn on the sprinkler and you can play 'til the cows come home. :-)

    Your friend,

  9. You better listen to the tall guy this time.

  10. Hey Jack -
    Here's a plan that helps me; when the weather gets nice again in the spring ... I have my very own little pool to enjoy!! Dad gots me a pool at some toy store, and I have a great time playing in that. (Now you can dream of warmer days in your very own pool with clean water.) It's my favorite.


  11. Dire Rear is no fun, but are you sure that you have properly identified cause and effect? Maybe just a little sip? I, too, have been swim club deprived. Momma says the current in our local river would wash me away. I say "bring it on" but she keeps that stupid string attached.


  12. Jack, I see two proplems here.
    #1 is that you haven't been raised around the water, then you would know not to drink it, because
    #2 you would know the NO CLYDE command by the time you got to be your age and you would only sneak a sip ot two when your mom wasn't watching. LOL

    I never had the dire-rear I'll bet that gives you a tired rear afterwards too. I puke alot. I eat stuffed animals at my girlfriend's house when I stay over. A dogs got to have his vices.

  13. Jack - Be tahnkful. Some bad water can give you a dire rear at both ends.

  14. dire rear is the worst!
    and you'd think running cold water might not give it to you.
    just goes to show you. you can't trust the world today!
    but you can trust the tall guy jack.
    love and hugs

  15. I understand your dilemma but the dire ear is pretty bad. Mommy sometimes cries when I get it around the house so I would try to avoid that. I hope you can find a tastier safer stream.

    Loveys Sasha

  16. Oh noes! All that pretty water and you can't play in it? That's so sad!

    Monty and Harlow

  17. I'm with you I would want to drink the water! (NOT go in though)! Love Dolly