Monday, December 9, 2013

December 10, 2013

I am sadness...

I still do not have no Christmas tree in the house yet.  The tall guy said we might get one on Sunday because he wanted to get a real tree and all the noodles would fall off if we put it in the house too early.

Therefore, I am sadness.

Maybe some extra cookies would help.


  1. Hey Jack!
    Wow, that's terrible! Oh, I know, I'll give you a tree from my yard and you can use it until yours is ready. I have plenty to share! BOL Getting cookies will help anything, anytime fur sure.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Furiend

  2. You get a tree with noodles? Cool! It will be worth the wait!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy and Stanley

  3. I am sorry you are sad, but you will be soooooooooo happy when you get your tree. I hope you get to help decorate it. We have a not real tree so we can keep it up for a while but it doesnt smell right. Mine doesn't have noodles though.

    Loveys Sasha

  4. We just know that TG...will get your tree soon. If he doesn't maybe you should go out and chew down your own???


  5. Cheer Up Jack, Its a coming. I just feel sure it will be there before you notice it. And a real tree. How lucky you are.

  6. Jack - A noodle free Christmas ? Surely not.

  7. No noodle tree here either, but I did eat a plate of shortbread "accidently" last year. Cheer up your tree will be beautiful and smell so good!

  8. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH Jack what a sad puppy face. You might not have a tree but you have a new house with a huge yard (with trees) and your own doggie window.
    Just sayin'
    Hugs Madi your bfff

  9. Where in the world are you supposed to urinate if there isn't a tree yet? Tell the TG to get one already! Then you won't have to go outside in the cold!

  10. Aren't they just full of excuses. I don't have one cause this one said it rained and the tree will be wet. Nutty

  11. You are so lucky to get a real tree. Our Lady is allergic so we have to have a fake one. Your wait will worth it! Lee and Phod

  12. Dear Jack,

    Oh, my goodness, that is one REALLY sad puppy face!! Who could resist your request for extra cookies while you're waiting for your tree?

    I bet when your tree does arrive, it will be even more beautiful than that one at the mall. Just having YOU sit in front of it will make it the most beautiful tree on the planet! :-)

    Your friend,

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  15. That's no good, Jack! Tell him to run out and get you a tree!

    Monty and Harlow

  16. OH Jack! That is one sad puppy face! Tell your dad that Clyde's mom said to give you a cookie right now, or I will come over there and give you one for him!
    Now about that tree...your dad is right about them noodles, we don't get our tree untill one week before Christmas usually, this way it stays nice and fresh right up till New Years.
    PS: Don't you dare pee on the tree, it's ok to smell it at first then ignore it! Clyde likes to play tail baseball with the ornaments, so I only put plastic ones near the bottom.

  17. Jack, not the time of year to be "sadness" Tell your Dad, Cookie now !!!. then TREE stat !!!

  18. darling jack.
    at least the tall guy gave you a beautiful warm rug to sit on. sad though you are.
    and hang in there boy!
    maybe the decorations will be cookies hanging on the tree! REALLY JACK !!!
    I'VE SEEN IT !!!
    kisses on your sad nose. xoxo

  19. Hey Jack -
    I know your sadness will end REAL Soon! Dad Chopped our tree down last weekend, and I'm sure once you get yours it will be the BEST Ever!! Just remember not to wag your tail too close, like Mister Clyde advised.

    Have a Cookie Filled Holiday,

  20. Yogi and I keep checking ... we know sadness will turn to JOY!!

    Cookies to You Jack!!

  21. what no tree????

    Stop on by for a visit