Friday, March 14, 2014

March 14, 2014

Look at what we found! 

No, not me!

We found these:

The tall guy said they were called Daffyducks (or something like that).  And we did not even plant them, they just showed up one morning.

The tall guy said we might get to plant some flowers next week if all the cold weather has gone away.  He said he doesn't feel like spending all the time planting stuff just to have it get all frozed over and die.

I told him I would help digging the hole.  He told me it would be a big help if I would just watch and let him take care of the planting.  Maybe he'll let me go to the store and help him pick out which plants we need.  I hope we get a DOG-wood. :)


  1. Hey Jack we are so glad TG is feeling like getting out and about. We love the buttercups! MOL yep they have lots of names.

    If plant bulbs do not plant them too deep 'cause there is something that lives in the ground and whatever it is it likes to eat bulbs. Mom planted a gazillion here one fall. About 10 came up and unfortunately they were not even close together
    Hugs madi your bfff

  2. Yay, daffodils! They're the only flowers that can grow on our land without being surrounded by hardware cloth (including being buried to protect the bulbs/roots). Apparently animals don't like them/get sick if they eat them.

  3. nothing like a daffodil to chase away all the winter browns

  4. Surely you'll be planting a Jackaranda >?

  5. How lovely! We can't wait to find similar things! We still have a couple feet of snow!

  6. Dear Jack,

    Just looking at your daffodils lightens my heart and makes me feel like maybe we may see spring-like weather here in Michigan someday! We still have LOTS of snow on the ground. I got all excited on Tuesday when I heard the sand cranes calling outside my window, letting us know they had returned. Then on Wednesday, we got freezing rain, 8" of snow, high winds, and the temps/wind chills dropped well below zero. I think the cranes turned around and went back south somewhere - maybe they went to visit you! So, if you see them or hear them, will you please tell them to come back to Michigan?

    Happy spring, and thanks for posting the pic of the beautiful daffodils!

    Your friend,

  7. I wish we could grow those here!

    Monty and Harlow

  8. Yeah! I love daffydills. But the sure are silly, ours started growing their green leaves right out of the snow this year! No flowers on them yet, but we do have one crocus so they can't be far behind. Happy Spring!

  9. Happy St. Patty's Day...
    Erin Go Bragh-less, or something like that!

  10. oh my darlin' laughing jack.
    that's your new name.
    laughing jack.
    you handsome dude.
    don't go anointing any of the plants when you shop. cuz
    you know...
    people pick them up and if they have a certain aroma... well...
    it's just not as appreciated as it is in your world. go figure.
    happy gardening laughing jack! XOXO

  11. pretty flowers

    Stop on by for a visit