Saturday, October 10, 2009

October 10, 2009

I Am Curious - Jack

Yesterday, the tall guy said we needed to get out of the house and what would I say if we went up to the mountains (the close ones, not the camping ones). Well, I just looked at him because he knows I can't talk, but if I could talk, I would have said "Sure, I think we need a vacation.", but then we wouldn't have got to go to the mountains because he would have fainted because he had a talking dog! So, anyway, we piled into the car (do families pile into their cars in your part of the country or is that just a Southern thing?) and off we went.

We drove for a little while and the tall guy said I was doing so good, he gave me a carrot! That was a nice snack. It was really nice and it started getting cooler and there were more trees (real trees, not the ones that will stick you if you get too close). Finally we got to where we were going and boy was it nice!

The tall guy said the trees here haven't really started turning yet and that we would come back to see them when the leaves started turning. I don't know what they are turning into, but that will sure be interesting to see!

The tall guy said I was being very curious about all the different kinds of smells and I guess I was.

We even saw 3 deers, which is something I had never seen before. I hadn't even seen ONE deer before, let alone THREE. The tall guy said they were a family. He tried to get a picture, but the noise of the car scared them away before he could get the camera ready.

We got to walk a lot, even though the tall guy said he should have worn something other than shorts and a t-shirt. I tried to tell him before we left that it would be cold, but, once again, not being able to talk turned out to be a problem!

On the way back, the tall guy stopped to take some more pictures (evidently he does take pictures of something other than ME) and so I decided to pop my head out of the window to get one more good-bye sniff!

He took some more pictures of our vacation trip, so I'll see if the tall guy will help me put them on here tomorrow.


  1. That looked like a fun day Jack. I am glad you got a little vacation trip. I can't wait to see the pictures.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  2. Hi Jack what a great story with are so lucky to live with such a nice Tall Guy.
    You are so right over here in NC we do pile in the car to go places and if we don't pile in just right the peeps will pitch a hissy fit!!!

  3. Nice pics! Aren't road trips fun....We have deer in our backyard. They come almost every night. Beth feeds them in BIG dishes out back. She feeds everything that walks in our yard! She says never hurts to offer food to anyone! I can't wait to see the other pictures from your trip!

  4. Very beautiful, how nice of the tall guy to take you on such and adventure. Love the picture of you out the window Jack - it really says it all :)

  5. sounds like you gots yourself a real nice tall guy who takes you out on nice trip. now about yous not telling him to take warmer cloths, dosnt he know about thougth projection. you sent him a picture of himself shivering and he didn't listen. you would think if humans were so smart they would figure it out by now and then we would gets them to write mor in our blogs.

  6. Did Tall Guy let you drive to the vacation? I like to drive but Mom makes me sit in back. Pawpa lets me drive but not when SHE is in the car.

    Grrrrs from Giz

  7. I'm sure the TG really enjoyed this trip too, but I'll bet he would have enjoyed a talking dog even more... once he got over the initial shock!

  8. Will you let us know what the trees turn into? As for "piling" into the car, we don't do that in Arizona, but we have piled out of the car when Sam was collided with us!


  9. Hi Jack! I like carrots too, they be yummy! Mom and I really like the pictures of you looking through the fence. It sounds like you had a lot of fun, we can't wait to see the other pictures.


  10. A Mini-vacay! How fun! i wish we had mountains or anything cooler than hot flat sunshine around here. If I could talk I would tell momma to pile in the car and head north till there was snow or mountains!
    Did you see any Moose? Sometimes when there are deer there are Moose...
    p.s. Aren't carrots the best! Well for non-meaty things they are anyway!

  11. Woohoo, looks like fun! I love getting in the car and just drivin' off somewhere. I am going to ask Mom if we can today. I love that photo of you staring out the window.

  12. WOW...your TG actually spent the WHOLE DAY with you??? *Angry look at the Mama* I see some dogs are getting they attention they need! Looks like you had a great time Jack!!