Sunday, October 25, 2009

October 25, 2009

Jack's Rules for the Puppy Park!

Evidently there are some puppies out there who haven't yet learned how to BEHAVE when they are at the puppy park. So, I've come up with some basic rules that all the puppies should learn.

Rule #1: If a puppy loses a contact lens, you should help him look for it.

But watch where you step,
well, uh, for any number of reasons.

Rule #2: Two on the back, gonna get a smack!

I know that some puppies have got it 'going on',
but that's no excuse to get frisky whenever your
hormones kick in.

Rule #3: A neat puppy park is a fun puppy park!

Pick up any trash you might find and deposit it
in the nearest trash receptacle.
However, puppies who are bothering you
are NOT to be considered to be trash.
Remember, there is a big difference between 'TRASH' and 'TRASHY'.
No puppies in the garbage!

Rule #4: Drink plenty of fluids.

And by fluids, we mean water.
We do not mean the Starbucks coffee that
one of the peoples has absent-mindedly left
sitting on the table.

Have you SEEN a puppy after he
has drunk a double-mocha-cappa-frappchino?
Trust me, it is not a pretty picture.

Now I will ask some of the other puppies
from the puppy park to share some more

Rule #5: Just because you have slobbered on it, does not mean it is YOUR toy.

Slobber is NOT 9/10ths of the law.
If you take someone else's toy and slobber on it,
you can go to jail for

Rule #6: Some things at the puppy park are not meant to be toys!

Like the water bucket.
And the plastic bags.

Note from Jack:
And Jack's collar.
We do NOT try to tear Jack's head off so we can play with his collar.
As a matter of fact, if you are so intent on getting Jack's collar,
you can just march yourself right out the gate you came in
and don't let it hit you on the...

Oops, sorry.
I must have gotten carried away.
If you take the water dishes to play with,
some of the puppies may get thirsty.
So don't take the water dishes, ok?

So there you have some of the basic rules for the puppy park.
Tune in next time for some of the more ADVANCED rules
for puppy park etiquette!


  1. Awesome rules Jack!!! Now we just need to get them printed and put up!!


  2. Well pawed!

    They all make lots and lots of sense!


  3. Hi Jack...Madi here all clean. You are so right kitties don't like dirt and while on the subject I commend you on your efforts to keep the puppy park clean!!!! Mom and I love your rules did you post them on the gate? What is it about your collar...that must get very aggravating and I bet it gets TG's dander up too. No I didn't say TG has dandruff...ask TG to explain dander it is very similar. Have a good Sunday
    Madi and Mom

  4. Great work on the rules Jack. The park is an interesting place....I really like to go play there, but sometimes you get the not-so-nice doggers, or the hoomans that don't pick up, or the ones that don't pay attention when their dog is a bit TOO frisky! Youza!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  5. OH NO! I'll go to jail! I slobber on EVERYTHING!

  6. I think my rule for the park would be more directed at parents at the park... 1. Don't bring your little kids to the dog park and let the run around like its a playground cause it's not. ITS A DOG PARK.
    2. Don't bring your little kids to the dog park with ice cream cones cause if my dog licks your kids ice cream and they go crying to you that's your problem not my dogs.
    woah... sorry... too many bad kids at dog park experiences.

  7. Great rules for the park, but you should do one for human etiquette too!! I seem to get attacked every time I go to the park b/c the humans are not watching their pups.

  8. Thanks Jack. Those are great rules to the puppy park. I´ll make sure that each doggie follow it.

  9. I think every dog owner should read your list of rules before entering the park. After all we are only as good as our peeps help us be.

  10. "Two on the back, gonna get a smack!"

    I can't stop laughing at that one!