Sunday, October 4, 2009

October 4, 2009

Dogs With Balls!

Wait, what do you mean "I can't say that!".
All the puppies in the pictures are playing with the baseball,
so they are pictures of dogs with balls.
OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Let's look at some pictures of nice puppies:

Note from the tall guy:
I think it's time for 'THE TALK' with Jack. In the meantime, HERE is a video about a dog that you might enjoy.


  1. Morning Jack and TG....
    The video of of the rottie brought joy to my heart and dampness to my eyes. Oh my word....
    That puppy had an angel on his shoulder living by the highway like that waiting...then an angel found him...
    I just love the pictures of the dogs with 'toy' balls. HA!!! Too funnny.
    TG I'd say Jack has good taste in women and you have your work cut out raising a teenage boy....
    can't help there I just had one daughter well two counting Madi but that is another story entirely. PS Toto taught me (mom) so still amazes me how much he gave us in 10 years. Madi and Mom

  2. Oh no...not the...."talk"!!!

    Good Luck!

  3. Thanks for the video... amazing story

  4. Well, sometimes the TALK needs to happen and then sometimes they learn from their other furry friends when they are all behind a tree or bush doing, "I'll show you mine if you show me yours," and then someone comes up with nothing to show☺

  5. That is the saddest and sweetest story ever. I am glad the family survived and it is so sad they are having money problems due to medical bills. Still I am left with the impression that the dog was more loyal to them than they were to her. It did not sound like they were looking for her even :-( Microchipping would have prevented all of that but that still depends on a family who wants to find their dog. Sorry for the rant. It is a happy ending for all because the family is alive and Ella is in good hands.
    Thanks for sharing!
    p.s. nice balls! I love the 2nd pic of you with your tongue hanging out to the side.
    p.s.s We will keep you posted on the coming when called thing. I read this that might help, especially since you are a puppy still and do not have almost 8 years of ignoring to undo!

  6. Well, TG..good luck with the "talk". Olive is so...willing to bare it all..oh boy. She met 3 boys this morning on her walk and she just..melts into the pavement upon them noticing her. Some of them are just "not that into her"..but she bats her eyelashes and tries her hardest.

    Hang tough friend :)

    Olive's Mom :)

  7. Did the tall guy talk to you yet? You will have to tell me all about it because I haven't gotten any talks yet....
    Good video!

  8. Awesome video! Jack, what is the tall guy talking about?? I don't like the sounds of it.

  9. Thanks for sharing the video - what a powerful story.

  10. WOW! Sitting here sobbing. Love a good dog story. Thanks Jack and TG