Sunday, October 11, 2009

October 11, 2009

More Vacation Snapshots!

Here are some more pictures of my trip up the mountain yesterday!

As we were walking back to the car, I heard a familiar sound.
"Hark!" I cried.
(Well, it was more "BARK" than "HARK", but you get the picture!)
"COULD IT BE!?!?!"

It was a little stream.
It wasn't as big as the one I played in last time,
but anytime I get to play in water is fine by me!

So, I made my way down to the water and had a bit of a bushwalk!
It is very fun when the water runs all over your nose.
You should try it.
(I'm talking to the peoples, not the puppies!)

Unfortunately, the tall guy wouldn't let me off the string because we were too close to the highway.
He said I might get too excited and try to jump into one of the cars as they went by and the people inside would fall in love with me and take me home with them and he might never see me again.
(Then again, after I dug up around the orange tree AGAIN this morning,
he said next time he might hang a sign around my neck and see if anyone would TAKE me.
He was, of course, kidding, as he needs me to wake him up in the morning!)

So that was my latest trip up into the mountains.
Here is one last mountain picture:

Just for Madi: These are called the CATalina Mountains, but I didn't see any cats. I did see a squirrel with a white tail. I'll have to remember to tell Tank so he can come run it away!


  1. Jack,
    Oh my word Jack....please tell TG thank you thank you thank you!!!!! You and TG have been such an inspiration to us on our blog journey. Madi is honored be featured in your blog post today. She is now hollering Road Trip to the CATalina Mountains. I told her that trip is much longer than the 8 minute ride to the Vet's office. LOL Jack you and TG have a good Sunday and we hope you do something FUN!! PS not to worry we read you BLOG every day!!!
    Madi and mom

  2. People would definitely take you so stay close to TG. Momma says people are always asking her questions and staring at me which makes her nervous that I will get stolen!
    It is very good to make yourself irreplaceable (i.e. like waking TG up) so that you can get away with some of the not so useful things we pups do. I definitely don't wake momma up but guess I do take her for walks and clean up crumbs off the floor...

  3. Beautiful stream and mountains! I'd love to take photos of such beautiful places!

  4. You dug up a tree, wow, we are envious and bow down to your digging prowess. All we have done is try to get to China - the hard way☺

  5. I love your pictures. Did you get punished for the digging thing?? I hope you are ok, next time blame the squirrels.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  6. WOW those are some big piles of dirt! We don't have mountains here, just little piles of dirt. Looks like you had fun!

  7. What a great vacation trip at the moountain you had, Jack! That place is beautiful! I am sure you and TG had lots of fun! Great pictures!


  8. Jack, I don't think I'll be able to come to AZ every time you see a squirrel... just bark (or hark) very loudly at the squirrel and he'll probably run off. I say probably because there's also a chance that he might just sit there and laugh at you. If this happens, start gathering pumpkins.

  9. Stay close to TG. Other peoples are crazy sometimes...they stare at me all the time and Mom holds me tight, I guess everyone wants a piece of us handsome boys.

  10. What beautiful Cat mountains!! Did you see any mountain cats???