Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April 10, 2012


MMMMM, tacos.

We finally went to the Mexican truck and not only did the tall guy get a Sonoran hot dog, he also got a chicken taco.

Please note that HE got a hot dog and a taco.

Do you see any taco in my mouth?  No??

As Wilf might say when talking to Madame Bay, "Quelle surprise!*"

I did get ONE EENSY-WEENSY TEENY-TINY sliver of chicken, but I think that was because someone was filled up from all the hot dog and taco.  Or he dropped it on the floor mat and it was covered with hair.

Oh well. A boy can dream!
*(Which translates to "REALLY?" in Sarcasm-American.)



  1. Sigh, I miss food trucks

    Stop on by for a visit

  2. Jack - There's always tomorrow. Either that or change your name to Taco Jack . He might take the hint .

  3. oh Jack..we feel your pain!..at least you won't have heartburn like Tall Guy will!

  4. Awwww, Jack - How could Tall Guy take one look at your face, and not give you the whole taco, just for your very own self???? I know for sure that I would find that look totally irresistable! I think you should give him a HOL....(Howl out loud)....
    Your friend,

  5. You didn't get your own taco? What is wrong with the Tall Guy? And did he eat all of that right in front of you? And then to give you a hair covered little piece off the floor....REALLY?

  6. That is just cruel. Poor Jack.


  7. Why I never!!!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  8. MOL Jack it appears TG and Mom both use a thimble when attempting to appear to possibly be about to share with us!!

    AND MAY I ADD YOU DESERVE A COOKIE FOR ONLY STARING LONGINGLY AT THE FOOD...you are a better man than me. Oh that's right, I'm a gal.
    Hugs from your BFFF

  9. Oh you poor thing! It's not fair sometimes is it?! Hope you have a good week and maybe get some more chicken soon!
    Bronson,Pepper,and Mum

  10. i'm simply speechless.
    (well... never not quite)
    does he realize you have the jaws to not only take his
    stupid taco in one bite, but also half of his arm?
    there. you tell'im. (course... in some circles that's also called biting the hand that feeds you!)
    i think there's a new name for what you're going through...
    taco torture. wonder if it will replace water boarding.
    surely you got more than one little sliver. i bet you did.
    i love you jack!
    tammy j

  11. Classic Jack picture. Good to catch up with you buddy. If you dive into a taco truck special, you'd have to go back to the park and floss your teeth. Hope to see you soon - week of April 16th maybe?

    KT and Easton

  12. How do you keep from salivating, like Pavlov's dog, when food is present? Such control! :)

  13. Oh Jack, you face is so darn cute!! Next time just sneeze on it and maybe you'll get more that a tiny piece of chicken!

  14. OMD!
    Sure you had a sad face there!
    Not fair TG did not share it with you!
    Kisses and hugs

  15. Poor Baby dog! My mom is just about crying over here.
    I don't eat peoples foods so I dont know what a taco is but I do get a hot dog once a year at the party at the boat marina, and I would suggest you distract your tall guy and try to get the some mores hot dog! You won't be sorry!

  16. Ms. K almost hit the nail on the head. Do we really have to tell you, Jack, that you were in the perfect position to drool all over the taco? We find that mama never eats food once we have drooled all over it. Of course, she's gotten more cunning in her old age, but dude, the TG just tee'd that taco up for you. Lesson learned.

    Jed & Abby