Monday, April 30, 2012

April 30, 2012


I have not had no Cheesy-toes in a long, long time mainly because the tall guy has not been buying no Cheesy-toes.  But for some reason, he decided to buy some Cheesy-toes AND potato chips the other day at the store that I am not allowed to go to.  

So, for lunch the other day, I got 1 (one) Cheesy-toe.  Please look carefully at the picture above.  I think someone needs to contact the Cheesy-toe people and tell them that there appears to be an issue with their quality control.  Evidently someone has bit off half of the Cheesy-toe before it got put into the bag.  So, in reality, I only got one-half of a Cheesy-toe.  I only got a CHEE.

At least, that's the story I was told when I asked where the other half of my Cheesy-toe was.



  1. You got totally ripped off Jack. You deserve a whole one. I think some interrogating needs to be done.

    Loveys Sasha

  2. I would say that the Tall Guy took half of your cheesy-toe!

  3. Jack - If you got the Chee then there must be a Sy-toe somewhere on the floor.

  4. You don't get a bag of your own? Not fair!

  5. Oh Jack
    In my humble opinion, someone who shall remain nameless probably ate the toes portion of the Chee to be 100% certain that it was delish enough for you and not stale!! At least that is what a nameless person here says before she gives me a itty bitty tiny piece of her corn bread.
    PS Mom likes drink orange juice when she eats cheesy-toes.
    Hugs from your hungry BFFF,

  6. Hi Guys,
    We've been "standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona" looking for you!
    Are you going to see the First Lady today?

    Spent the night at Homolovi State those huge Jack Rabbits...haven't seen any Jill Rabbits! :)
    Moving on to CA today!!!

  7. You sure got ripped off!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  8. I could eat a whole bag of cheesytoes myself. Sometimes, I think I need a stingy, I mean careful, TG who will monitor my intake and only let me eat a half of a cheesytoe, too.

  9. So sorry Jack. Next time ask for a longer walk so you can have a whole Cheesy-toe.......

  10. Hmmm Isn't THAT convenient for TG........

  11. Well... a chee sure was better than nothing, right?
    Kises and hugs

  12. it's okay sweet jack...
    let the tall guy get orange teeth.
    you'll stay minty fresh just having half a chee!
    tammy j
    kisses on your nose

  13. I dont think my pups have ever had those!

    Stop on by for a visit

  14. Dear, sweet Jack -
    The look on your face says it all!!!
    Your friend,

  15. Well, we guess that half a cheesy-toe is better than no cheesy-toe at all. Make sure the humans follow up on your complaint, maybe woo'll be rewarded with a free bag of cheesy-toes by the manufacturer!

    jack & moo

  16. Cheesey-toes are so tempting! They are in that category of:
    Bet you can't eat just ONE!
    Even with those big sad brown eyes, TG only gave you a Half?!
    I can bet who bit off the other half, but I'm not naming names. :)