Monday, December 22, 2008

December 22, 2008

Jack learns to use the doggy door!

Remember your first step? Of course not, you were only like a baby or something.
What did parents do before video cameras? I guess they sat around the fire and described it. Boy, that must have made for an exciting visit to the grandparents!

Or maybe they just did this!

Maybe I should do this. I could do 8 of them and use them as coasters at the dinner table. For when my non-puppy-crazy friends drop by.

Speaking of friends dropping by, does anyone else watch House Hunters? How come these people are ALWAYS talking about 'this would be a good place for entertaining' when they are looking for a new house? How many parties do these people throw? 6 bedrooms and 1 bath - no problem - it's got a deck we can use for ENTERTAINING! The kitchen sink is in the garage? Why, that would be perfect for when our friends come over so we can ENTERTAIN them. You know what would be entertaining? Watching some of these people trying to get furniture up 3 flights of stairs with no landings. Now THAT would be entertaining.

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