Thursday, December 25, 2008

December 25, 2008

Jack's First Christmas!

and his first Christmas stocking

Which story do you want first? OK, the stocking story. Jack has discovered that he likes toys that make noise, primarily because they drive the tall guy crazy while he's working on this blog! So, in addition to his presents under the tree, Jack has two squeeky toys in his stocking: a duck that quacks and a weasel that wheezes... er... well it does something. (Reminder from the tall guy: Next time remember to take off the price tags BEFORE you put gifts in the stocking!) The saleslady promised me that the duck would not quack after 5pm.

Second story: How Jack got his name...
Jack's FULL name (the one on all his checks) is Sundancers Repairman Jack. His first name (Sundancers) comes from his Mom's home.
Jack's other names comes from a fantastic writer, F. Paul Wilson. Repairman Jack is character in a series of wonderful books. Repairman Jack is also an amazing puppy, but F. Paul Wilson hasn't written about him yet!
However, maybe if F. Paul Wilson reads this blog, and sees what a great puppy Jack is, he will make a character called RepairPuppy Jack in his next novel! Wouldn't you love to see a novel about a beautiful lab puppy that gets into all kinds of adventures?

Jack wishes all of you the best holidays ever. Hope you got the puppy you wanted for Christmas!

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