Thursday, March 12, 2009

March 12, 2009

Past, Present, and Future!

Wow - 3 puppies in one picture! I told the tall guy to take this picture of the guys (well, one of the guys is a girl) that I met at the park yesterday. The little girl is 14 weeks old. I don't even remember being that little. The big guy is 3 years old. Me - I'm 6.5 months old - that's like a lifetime to me! I think the little puppy is named Gracie and the big guy is named Lobo, and their peoples were really nice too. Gracie didn't get to play much because she hasn't had all of her shots, but I told her that it didn't hurt at all!

These guys were really nice. They didn't even mind that I got a bit bouncy because I was so excited.

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