Saturday, March 21, 2009

March 21, 2009

I've got my basketball ready in case one of the coaches needs me for a substitute during the b'ball tourney!

Speaking of March Madness, the tall guy FINALLY got back today. He said he went somewhere called the 'Grand Canyon'. I told him I didn't think it couldn't be too grand if they didn't allow puppies to go. He said it was just a big hole in the ground and I had to remind him how much I LOVE holes in the ground. He said that puppies had to stay in puppy jail while all the peoples got to look at the hole. I'm just happy that he's back home. I think I'll show him how happy I am about 3AM tonight when I jump on his head while he's sleeping.

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  1. Hey Jack - I know how you feel, my mom went on something called a cruise ship and said the same thing - no doggies allowed. Go check out my page, there are photos of other dogs....she still hasn't explained how they got there.